Guitarist and E Street Band member Nils Lofgren wrote “an open letter to the men and women of the sports reading community” on regarding the recent coverage of Michael Vick.

In the letter, Lofgren calls out Jemele Hill for her recent comments on The Sports Reporters where she raised the question of Vick winning the MVP Award following Josh Hamilton taking home the AL MVP.

“I am so disheartened and disappointed by your collective, lopsided praise of Michael Vick due to his recent spectacular on-field performance.

Jemele Hill stated on ESPN’s “The Sports Reporters” that if Josh Hamilton could win one of baseball’s MVP awards after recovering from alcohol and drug abuse, why couldn’t Vick win the award in the NFL? Well, for one thing, Hamilton has neither tortured dozens of dogs nor murdered defenseless animals.

I do not know what is in Michael Vick’s head or heart. But in a recent ESPN interview, and elsewhere, he stated that while he was committing these heinous acts of cruelty, it never occurred to him that he was doing anything wrong.”

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