Sports columnist Jay Mariotti was a regular on ESPN’s “Around the Horn,” then last week he was arrested for suspicion of “felony domestic assault.”

This afternoon, “Around the Horn” tackled his arrest and the subsequent media coverage in a segment. Host Tony Reali opened the segment by saying “and now let’s get awkward,” before explaining the details of his arrest. Next he threw to the Mariotti-free panel to get their take on the media’s coverage of his arrest.

What did they have to say?

Kevin Blackistone:

I’m not really surprised, Tony. Jay has always been a polarizing figure. There is a lot of ego and envy in this business of sports commentating. I think a lot of people are very uncomfortable with the fact that he’s risen as he has by being such a provocateur, and always telling other people what to do and how to run their lives and how they should be treated thereafter. So I really wasn’t surprised by the avalanche of criticism that came particularly from the media or even from athletes and people that read and watch his work.

Woody Paige:

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