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Fox News Announces Election Night Plans

fnclogo_10-29.jpgFox News will debut a brand new High Definition studio on Election Night, as viewers can watch FOX broadcasting on the network or the Fox News cable outlet (or on Fox News Radio…or on The Strategy room on

Brit Hume anchors, beginning at 6pmET, on FNC, and Shepard Smith begins the FOX broadcast at 7pmET. Chris Wallace anchors between the two networks.

The two lead analysts will be Howard Wolfson and Karl Rove. Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes, Bill O’Reilly and Greta Van Susteren contribute throughout the night. Bill Hemmer is back on the “Bill-board.” Megyn Kelly analyzes exit polls.

Also, another option if you’re in New York City on Election Night will be FNC’s Times Square News Astrovision screen — or an 18×14 screen in front of the News Corp. building.

Click continued for all the details…

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FNC’s Growing Group of Left-Leaning Pundits

wolfson_10-20.jpgFormer Clinton campaign staffer Howard Wolfson joined Fox News as a contributor in July, and has appeared on a variety of programs since he started with the network. New York Magazine’s profiles Michael Idov the FNC pundit.

What is Wolfson’s favorite FNC program to guest on? “Fox & Friends is my favorite show to do,” he says. “It’s not Lehrer. It’s morning TV. It’s light.”

Much of the profile is spent on the concept of, essentially, Fox News?! “People come up to me on the street — on the street! — and ask, ‘How can you be on Fox News? How can you talk to Rove?’” he says. “Well, I like Karl Rove. He’s smart. He’s funny.”

(photo by Nigel Perry for New York magazine)

Related: The Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz reports former New York Times reporter Judy Miller is joining Fox News as a contributor. Miller said today she is supporting Sen. Barack Obama.

Olbermann Tells AP Reporter He Should “Find New Work”

Chris Wallace said it was “an exceedingly smart speech.” Howard Wolfson “thought it was great.” Even Pat Buchanan called it “a genuinely outstanding speech”.

But the AP’s Charles Babington, often a guest on MSNBC programs, wasn’t as enthusiastic in his analysis of Barack Obama‘s acceptance speech, and Keith Olbermann called him out on it.

• Read Babington’s story here and judge for yourself…

> More: E&P reports Babington’s original article had the length of the speech at 35 minutes. But “a few minutes later, the AP copy showing up at news sites had been corrected to ’44 minutes.’”

Cable Quotables on Obama Speech: “I’ve Been Criticized For Saying He Inspires Me. To Hell With My Critics”

Brit Hume: “It is clear from the response you are seeing that this audience clearly feels that this is the man and this speech has met the challenge of this venue and this speech was all that he wanted it to be.”

Keith Olbermann: “Vote for him or do not, but take pride that this nation can produce men and speakers such as that. For 42 minutes not a sour note and spell binding throughout, in a way usually reserved for the creations of fiction.”

Chris Wallace
: “I thought it was an exceedingly smart speech in which Barack Obama played both offense and defense very effectively.”

Campbell Brown: “What you heard was very down there, plain spoken, no BS, if you will.”

Chris Matthews: “It was a great way of throwing back the best shot and saying [the other side] is full of crap. I’ve been criticized for saying he inspires me…To hell with my critics.”

Howard Wolfson: “I think someone may have put some Obama-koolaid into my water here. I thought it was great.”

Pat Buchanan: “It was a genuinely outstanding speech. It was magnificent. It is the finest … this the greatest acceptance speech… this wasn’t a liberal speech this is a deeply, deeply centrist speech.”

FNC Exec. Fires Back at Olbermann

Olbermann_8.27.jpgTVNewser told you about last night’s uncomfortable MSNBC moment which included a shot at Fox News. Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews were talking about the characterization of Hillary Clinton as “some victim of foul play.”

Matthews commented, “Fox News, for example, seems to enjoy it. No accident they hired Howard Wolfson, used him in some sort of little toy soldier waiting on the shelf.”

“Tokyo Rose was the thought that came to my mind,” added Olbermann.

Politico reports FNC’s John Moody, EVP for news editorial, fired back today and managed to take a shot at John Edwards, too.

Keith is too important to be constrained (restrained might be a different matter) by facts. He is the heir to Huntley, to Brinkley, to Chancellor, to Brokaw. (Sorry, NBC). Keith thinks Democrats shouldn’t deign to appear on FOX. That’s the same philosophy that served John Edwards so well when he was an active candidate (among other things). Like Sen. Edwards, Keith is a non-factor now that the real decisions have been made. And like Tokyo Rose, he is a fictional conflation.

> More: Wolfson on FNC today went after Matthews and Olbermann, by name: “I think it’s unfortunate that a news organization with a great tradition like NBC has been taken over by those kind of antics.” The clip, via Johnny Dollar after the jump…

> Update: Olbermann responds: “John Moody is a hysterical, doctrinaire, Right Wing hack propagandist, who conveniently forgets that when he thought I shared his allegiance to his dark view of the world, tried to hire me for Fox News. As for Mr. Wolfson, I feel very sorry for the choices he made that led him to his sad state.”

> Update, Update: An FNC executive tells TVNewser that “when Olbermann was out of work, he reached out to Moody and they had several cordial, professional conversations. But Moody never tried to hire him and an offer was never made…keep in mind, Olbermann was fired by corporate cousin FOX Sports…no chance he would get a job at FNC. Would NBC News hire someone just fired from NBC Sports?”

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(Slightly) Uncomfortable MSNBC Moment #3, With a Shot at Fox

CMKO1_8.26.jpgTonight, just after 9pmET, Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann were talking about Hillary Clinton‘s keynote speech. The chat ranged from her once formidable campaign, her place in the Clinton legacy, GOP tactics against her, Democratic party unity, and “the feelings of those people who felt they were screwed” by her not being the nominee.

When the discussion started going long, a producer got in Matthews’ earpiece and wrapped him. “I’ll wrap in a second,” Matthews jumped.

Then it got weird.

Olbermmann introduced Democratic House Leader Steny Hoyer, “who has been standing by and listened to us go off at the mouth [making the talking-too-much hand motion] on the subject of the Sen. Clinton speech tonight.”

CMKO2_8.26.jpgMatthews took offense: “You made that sound, Keith. I can do the same to you. That’s what I thought and I said it.”

But apparently Matthews’ oratory was effective. Rep. Hoyer saying, “I agree with Chris, who says there are many people for whom the Hillary Clinton campaign as well as the Barack Obama campaign was not just a candidate but a cause.”

Even so, it made for another uncomfortable moment from the MSNBC set. And what’s more, the chat also included a shot at Fox News…

>Update: The clip is after the jump…

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Where Former Hillary Clinton Advisers End Up

The AP’s David Bauder writes about Lanny Davis and Howard Wolfson, close advisers to the Hillary Clinton for President campaign, now political analysts for Fox News. And how they got to Fox is as interesting as why they’re there.

Davis and Wolfson came to Fox this summer following bad experiences with rival networks, although they both declined to discuss them. Wolfson and Clinton’s inner circle resented MSNBC, believing the network’s top talkers favored Barack Obama‘s candidacy. Davis, a former special counsel to President Clinton, looked like he swallowed a lemon during his last primary-night guest appearance on CNN.

But do they get grief from fellow Democrats for signing-on with FNC? “Less than I expected, but still some,” Davis said. “The some were from the places that have a stereotype about Fox, but when I asked them if they ever actually watched Fox, the answer is almost never.”

Wolfson on Obama: “My Advice Would Not be to Attack Fox”

FNCWolfson_8.21.jpgThis morning on Fox & Friends, FNC political analyst and former Hillary Clinton campaign adviser Howard Wolfson said Barack Obama does himself no favors attacking Fox News.

Steve Doocy was talking about the anti-Obama book by Jerome Corsi. Paraphrasing Obama, Doocy said the candidate was on the campaign trail saying, “Here’s this guy [Corsi], he’s making stuff up and he gets a lot of air play on Fox News.” Doocy asked Wolfson if it was good strategy to “take a shot at Fox News.”

Well, look, you know, I’m here because I believe that Fox has the largest audience, the largest cable audience in America and that a lot of Independents and persuadable Republicans are watching Fox. It’s important for progressives and Democrats to talk to that audience. My advice would not be to attack Fox. But Sen. obama hasn’t been taking my advice now for about 20 months.

Related: GalleyCat’s Ron Hogan asks, Do You Think Simon & Schuster Really Cares If Paul Begala Hates its #1 Bestseller?

FNC Panel Post-Mortem

Monday’s Fox News TCA panel featured some already-noted fireworks, but what else?

• The Sun-Sentinel’s Tom Jicha sees a difference in the tone of certain panels: “Compare the hostility of the Fox News Channel press conference this year to one for [Keith] Olbermann last summer. TV writers did everything but wash Olbermann’s feet.” No comment on Olbermann’s salute-heard-round-the-world two years ago at TCA. MSNBC’s 2008 panel takes place early next week.

Alan Sepinwall of the Newark Star-Ledger admits it wasn’t “a lovefest,” but writes, “It was also far tamer than a comparable session last week for CNN, where reporters tore into the anchors and executives about perceived pro-Obama bias and their focus on the drama of elections rather than the substantive issues.”

• And leave it to Canada to find the funniest exchange from the panel. The Vancouver Sun’s Alex Strachan writes that after new FNC contributor Howard Wolfson finished a lengthy compliment to Rove, Rove reached in his wallet and asked, “Do you take Euros or dollars?”

“Unfortunately,” Wolfson said, “because of the Bush administration, we take Euros now.”

Chris Wallace On Keith Olbermann, and An Admission from John Moody

CWallace_7.14.jpgIt was Fox News’ turn in front of the TV critics this afternoon, and the network known for playing a tough offense, found itself on the defense over one of its analysts and some recent on air controversies.

On the panel, FNC’s VP news editorial John Moody, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace and two of FNC’s political analysts: Karl Rove and Howard Wolfson.

An insider tells TVNewser, “TCA panels can get testy, but the Fox News panel was especially so. Rove was the target of many questions, some of which had little to do with his appearances on Fox including the congressional subpoena before congress. It only got worse from there.”

B&C’s Marisa Guthrie writes about Wallace coming to Rove’s defense. “I’m struck by what I think is a double standard in the questions that particularly Karl is being asked here,” said Wallace. “I question whether if it were a conservative Congress that had subpoenaed James Carville, lets say, whether you’d be asking CNN why they’re (employing) James Carville.”

Guthrie writes, “Wallace’s remark was greeted with loud disagreement from multiple critics in the room who asserted that they would be asking the same questions if the political roles were reversed.”

The LATimes’ Matea Gold writes about a rare admission from Moody about FNC’s competition, “Well, there’s been tightening, obviously. We’ve certainly been tested in the last year. And I think we’ve emerged from it. I think we’ve gotten past the worst of the test.”

On the issue of the photoshopped New York Timesmen, Moody later told Guthrie he “wished” Fox & Friends “hadn’t done it. They didn’t ask me first.” But he said the incident will not result in any official standards adjustments. Moody told the assembled press that the morning program is “an entertainment show that does some news.”

And what about the criticism Fox News gets? Chris Wallace has thoughts about that…

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