maddow_8-21.JPGWas Rachel Maddow being shopped to Fox News? That’s what Radio Equalizer hinted at, and Jossip confirms from a “reputable insider” today.

“Maddow’s agent, Jean Sage at TV Talent (also Keith Olbermann‘s agent), asked to send her tapes over to FNC’s head of programming, Bill Shine, we’re told by a reputable insider,” writes Jossip. “But Shine declined.”

Jossip does point out this very easily could have been, “negotiating tactics”…but FNC?

Meanwhile, a throwaway line during Maddow’s Tuesday night appearance on Countdown echoes a tactic employed by CNN. Of Maddow’s 9/8/08 premiere, Olbermann said, “it probably will start at like 9:02 or something like that. Your show and my show will sort of be indistinguishable for a couple of minutes there.”

As TVNewser reported last week, Lou Dobbs Tonight frequently employs this method leading into Campbell Brown: Election Center. This marks a major change at MSNBC, however, as Olbermann currently, “refuses to introduce,” the 9pmET program.

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