The “golf course incident” is spilling over into the work week. Right now the White House and the White House Correspondents Association are at odds over access.

In case you aren’t caught up: over the weekend the President played golf in Florida with Tiger Woods, among other people. The press was not allowed in to see them play. White House Correspondents Association president (and Fox News correspondent) Ed Henry went public with press complaints about the incident, saying it was emblematic of a larger issue at the White House.

Henry is speaking out on behalf of the WHCA, talking to Politico about the issue, and appearing on competitor “NBC Nightly News” to talk about the dispute. Henry’s FNC affiliation was not included in the chyron.

Politico also published an in-depth, reported piece from Mike Allen and Jim VandeHai titled “Obama, The Puppet Master.” The report looks at the administration’s views on the press, including Obama’s preference to talk to TV reporters over print reporters, and how staffers keep reporters at arms length and beyond:
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