One year after officially announcing his new web-TV venture GBTV, former Fox News host Glenn Beck is changing it up. Beck’s company, Mercury Radio Arts, will merge GBTV with, its news and opinion website, and, its eCommerce site, into one multimedia company, to be called TheBlaze.

As part of the merger, GBTV will now be called TheBlaze TV. CNN’s Steve Krakauer spoke to Beck about the change:

“I didn’t like the name GBTV from the very beginning for a couple of reasons,” Beck said in an exclusive interview with “One, it’s a little egocentric, and two, it’s television, which doesn’t describe necessarily what we do.”

Executives at GBTV and TheBlaze, who include former Fox News executive Joel Cheatwood, Premiere Radio Networks executive Kraig Kitchin and former Huffington Post CEO Betsy Morgan will take on slightly tweaked roles in the new venture as co-presidents, each overseeing an aspect of the new company. More information on those roles, after the jump.

For GBTV, the move helps align the company’s fastest-growing properties under one umbrella. has quickly established itself as a viable news and commentary site, while GBTV continues to add new subscribers every month. By combining resources and a name, the company may be able to shuttle visitors back and forth, and make it easier for new visitors to wrap their head around the products the company produces.

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