Historic Studio 45 at the CBS Broadcast Center, once home to the soap opera “Guiding Light,” saw the beginning of a new era at CBS News today, as David Rhodes and Jeff Fager, the new president and chairman of the news division led a town hall meeting for employees.

Fager, who retains his post as Executive Producer of “60 Minutes,” used the broadcast as a jumping off point for the town hall — with his marching orders clear. Fager remarked that CBS Corp. CEO Les Moonves told him, “I like what happens at ’60 minutes’ and I want the rest of CBS News to be like that.”

“We have brought a great old institution up to date and it is thriving, while adhering to the values taught to us by Don Hewitt who learned them from Fred Friendly. That’s more than 60 years of CBS News experience passed down through two people,” said Fager, adding, “How lucky are we.”

One of Fager’s first orders of business was to announce that a longtime CBS News employee, laid off a year ago, would be returning.

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