Betting profits are down for Super Bowl XLV, which is sad we suppose until you remember that the casinos still made almost $1 million in less than three hours. So whatever, non-story. Let’s talk about something more interesting: Prop bets.

Christina Aguilera‘s national anthem flub is causing more trouble than her simply being called an “anti-American slut.” One popular prop bet is the length of the anthem. had the over/under at 1:54 and timed the singer’s version at 1:53.7. However, because of the singer’s mistake, is paying off both sides.

“It was a controversial performance with bettors,” betting analyst Al Dannity told the website in what has to be the most ridiculous quote of the year. “Aguilera came in narrowly under, but it’s hard to tell what impact her error had. Had she remembered the lyrics, then she would probably have been more composed and finished faster. Those betting the over (might not) see it that way and I doubt they will be buying any of her records for some time.”

So there. Now what about those other Aguilera-related prop bets? Read more