Nick News, the series of TV news specials on Nickelodeon, says it is “disappointed” that GOP candidate Mitt Romney declined to appear on this election cycle’s “Kids Pick the President” special. President Obama is appearing, and taped his answers to kids questions at the White House. Archive video clips of Romney answering similar questions to the ones kids asked will be used during the special.

“After numerous attempts by “Nick News” to get former Governor Mitt Romney to participate in the special, his camp declined saying he was unable to fit it into his schedule,” said a Nickelodeon statement.

“By answering kids’ questions directly, candidates show respect for kids,” said host Linda Ellerbee in a statement.  “We are disappointed that Mitt Romney wouldn’t take the time to answer the questions, but are thrilled that President Obama participated in the special.”

“Nick News” has been a staple on Nickelodeon for 21 years, and its “Kids Pick the President” specials have been better than most pundits when it comes to predicting who will win the Presidential election. The “kids” in the specials have correctly predicted who will win in five of the last six elections.

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