NBC’s Ann Curry has gotten the first interview with Nadya Suleman, the woman who gave birth to octuplets last week.

We’re told the interview has just wrapped up in California. Insiders would not tell us where, exactly, or if the babies are included in the interview. An air date is not yet known. But the interview will appear on the Today show and on Dateline.

And for those wondering: “No money has exchanged hands,” says an NBC News spokesperson. At least not yet. Networks do often pay licensing fees for photos or other materials. And if this is going to be a story on Dateline, you can expect more than just an interview with the mother.

One burning question — what’s it like to suddenly be the mother of 14 (that’s right, she had six previous children).

> Update: Refuting reports Bravo is involved, an NBC spokesperson says: “There is no deal with Bravo.”

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> Update, update: A preview of the interview airs tomorrow on Today. The full interview airs Monday morning and Tuesday night on Dateline. Click continued to see excerpts from the interview…

(photo by Paul Drinkwater of NBC News)

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