ABC News continues to bet big on the “hidden camera” genre, launching a new primetime program Friday evening called “Would you Fall For That?”

Hosted by correspondent Nick Watt, the program bears some similarities to sister program “What Would you Do?,” although the new program seems to have fewer lessons about the human condition, and more wacky hidden camera stunts. To that end, Watt will be joined by a pair of comedians, Scott Rogowsky and Sasheer Zamata, who will help Watt prank unsuspecting people in lighthearted ways. The show will also explain the psychology behind the tricks.

One of the pranks in the pilot features visitors to New York’s Central Park doing wackier and wackier things to help a birdwatcher attract the attention of a prized fowl. Another will have Watt playing an astrologer from London, who gives a group of people the same 60 year old horoscope and see if they think it is meant just for them.

ABC has ordered an additional two episodes of the series, which will air on subsequent Friday nights. Like “WWYD?” If it does well, expect it to return to ABC’s lineup at some point. More below.
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