OlbermannView_11,10.jpgMSNBC’s Keith Olbermann joined the ladies of The View today. But one piece of news he didn’t get to report was about himself. TVNewser has learned Olbermann has signed a contract extension with MSNBC/NBC that takes him through the 2012 election. Olbermann had signed a deal in February ’07 which kept him with the network through 2011.

As for the Hot Topics that did come up on The View:

• Joy wanted to know about his feud with Bill O’Reilly: “What was the name again?,” Olbermann asked.

• Whoopi wanted to know the genesis of Worst Persons: “It’s an old Bob and Ray sketch. As George Carlin pointed out, there had to be the worst doctor in the world and someone has an appointment to see him tomorrow.”

Olbermann offered this on Sarah Palin: “I think she’s going to wind up in television and kick all our butts.”

Also Olbermann revealed he doesn’t vote, and didn’t make an exception this year. “That’s a bad role model. I’m sorry,” said Sherry Shepherd.

> Update: The press release on the new contract is after the jump…

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