Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck came down hard on CNN for its lack of creativity and connection with viewers.

Speaking before 300 talk-radio executives and talent, the Fox News host ridiculed the 30-year old network for not being authentic.

Paula Zahn‘s not working, so we’re gonna go way out on a limb: We’re gonna bring in Campbell Brown, said Beck with a sarcastic impression of CNN execs, “We gotta get change in here.”

“Then they go to Eliot Spitzer. There’s a change, if you just have a guy who frequented hookers on by himself. But you can’t do that. That’s too risky. ‘Let’s not have the hooker guy on by himself, let’s have some chick on with him. Now America will watch!’”

Beck was the keynote speaker at the Talk Media Conference Saturday night in Marina del Rey, California