shep_2-10.bmpFNC anchor Shepard Smith is the centerpiece in an in-depth, revealing profile by Tom Junod in this month’s Esquire magazine.

“The old idea of the godlike anchor dispensing facts from the unquestioned authority of the anchor’s desk: ‘That’s dead, thankfully,’ he says, and he knows, because he helped kill it,” writes Junod.

Now that Smith has moved to a new HD studio, he has more toys to play with. “It’s absurd, of course,” writes Junod. “The whole thing — the little box, The Cube, Shep’s Playroom, Fox News, television news in general — is absurd, and what has always distinguished Shep, and by extension Fox, is that he seems to know it. He is such a creature of television that he is able to parody television, both on and off camera. Because he’s always the anchorman, he’s never the anchorman — indeed, Fox executives call him the ‘antianchor.’”

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(photo by Nigel Parry)

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