WTNH reporter Jacquie Slater and photographer J-P Coleman became part of the story surrounding the recent blizzard that pummeled the Northeast when they got stuck in their news van on the side of a Connecticut interstate.

Slater said the two were trying to get back to the Hartford-New Haven ABC affiliate after a live shot when they got on the highway. “Within two minutes of being on the highway I just had the feeling that this was not going to go well,” Slater told WTNH anchor and host Ann Nyberg on her local show, “Nyberg.”

“So we went around this car and he went to get back on what seemed to be the road,” Slater said. “And then at that point I saw the mile marker to my right and I said, ‘You’re off the road.’ And he said, ‘What?’ And I said, ‘You’re off the road.’” Read more