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Friday Odds and Ends

-Urban Outfitters = ripoff artists. link

-Let the borough wars begin…again. link

-Chicago-based prodco Rascals & Rogues launched a series of spots for Culvers. link

-Who was Wunderman Zed Academy’s Marketer of the Year 2021? link

-Even the top advertising minds have to have a good cry sometimes. link

-Mark Zuckerberg channels his inner Ted Nugent. link

-Some company called Cooliris claims to have created the first 3D ad for the iPad. link Ashton Kutcher is an internet pioneer. link

Monday Odds and Ends


-Mistress Creative and the Bandito Brothers team up for a global brand spot for Hot Wheels (above).

-BMB’s Neil Powell is tweeting live from Uganda until May 29 as he hand delivers the first 1,000 Information Blankets to Ugandan mothers. link

-Alex Bogusky: Spy camera pioneer. link

-McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner: Ronald McDonald is an “ambassador for good.” link

-McCann NY/London’s online slideshow continues, this time with a salute from the Gipper. link

-Goodness Mfg. hired Rob Bajohr and Neal Desai as senior art director and art director, respectively.

-Aero Film opened New York-based CGI/animation unit, Aero Studios.

-In other prodco news, L.A.-based Duck signed Swedish animation studio Meindbender for U.S. commercial representation, thus forming the aptly titled Meindbender@Duck. link

-Beverly Hills Courier is trying to entice Manhattan area ad/marketing/PR folks with a contest to win a luxury weekend in its city. Cue the Weezer. (P.S. – password is “mediabistro”) link

-Did Ashton Kutcher launch a Twitter app to get back at Twitter? link

-Friendly’s tapped Portland, ME’s Via Group as its new AOR. link

Guest Review: DNA Foundation – ‘Real Men Don’t Buy Girls’

Our pal Roger Baldacci from Arnold Worldwide is back with his bi-weekly campaign critiques. This time, he offers his $.02 on Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher‘s attempt to rid the world of child slavery. Take it away, Roger.

This week, I thought I’d take a brief hiatus from my personal crusade against viral stunt videos and lighten things up.  Have a bit of a laugh.  Enjoy some blithe comedy while we explore the more hilarious aspects of child sex trafficking.

A lot of people are up in arms about this unconventional effort from Ashton Kutcher and his cougar wife Demi Moore to heighten awareness of forced prostitution. What offends me the most, frankly, is that these videos are not terribly funny. It’s hard enough to make people laugh in general. Comedy writing is actually very difficult. One need only judge the radio category at any major award show to truly grasp this tragic truism.  So making people laugh while talking about the child sex trade is even more difficult. Ashton and Demi went with using A-list celebrities and the soon-to-be patented “Old Spice type” humor. In fact, the Old Spice guy even starred in one of the videos. Thanks to the fine folks at Wieden, we will all be subjected to this brand of “off-beat” humor in the coming years to sell everything from CPG products (“Look at your Swiffer mop, now back at me!”) to more hard hitting/comedic public service campaigns for issues like female genital mutilation.

I get what they are trying to do. It’s the hamster cannon all over again. If people are talking about it, even hating on it, then they are talking about this very important issue. And guys are the target and are more likely to pass along something crude and funny versus a more powerful, sobering message. And it’s working, is it not? I am writing about it. But it just doesn’t feel right. It’s like watching the clip of Michael Richards committing career suicide in front of your eyes. Still, I joined their Facebook page, found my photo embedded in the spot and witnessed Jessica Biel say directly to the camera as if she had inside knowledge- “Roger is a real man.”  Talk about uncomfortable comedy.

Zambezi Nabs Champs, Popchips

Zambezi, the agency most recently made famous (we think) thanks to the Jennifer Aniston/SmartWater funny has won creative AOR and digital AOR duties for Champs Sports and Popchips, respectively.

The indie shop, which also works with brands including 2K Sports, Nestea and the Los Angeles Lakers, will develop an integrated campaign for mall staple Champs that’s expected to break by early summer. In a statement, Champs’ VP of marketing Frank Bracken says, “The Zambezi team brings significant experience and insights in sports culture, coupled with a very collaborative work style.  We immediately connected on the consumer and brand positioning, and then the creative team delivered great work. They’ve become a very natural extension of our internal brand and in-store experience teams.”

As for its relationship with Popchips, which of course has crowned Ashton Kutcher as its “President of pop culture,” Zambezi had already worked with the brand on its web-based VP search prior to earning AOR status. According to sources, there was a Popchips review and Kraftworks was the incumbent.

Saturday SXSW Party Wrap: Where We Met Faith

It might be Mardi Gras or something to that effect on 6th St. in downtown Austin, but we chose to settle in the confines of 4th St. for the evening, which had its fair share of Saturday night revelers. After attending the packed Razorfish happy hour event at the Phoenix, which had attractive bartenders and an open bar like most other agency-sponsored events as well as enough blaring techno to take us back to the rave days, we headed to the “exclusive” Mr. Youth party at 219 West that herald what they call the “S List.”

The New York-based Mr. Youth, a social media shop that has done work for clients ranging from Sony and HP to Starbucks and MSN, enlisted the hosting services of former NBA star Rick Fox and his lady friend, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dollhouse alum Eliza Dushku. The snazzy-looking pair have become social evangelists as of late and as we sat in the back lounge of the 219, the couple along with Mr. Youth CEO Matt Britton expanded on Fox’s panel discussion earlier in the day called Banking on Big Brands/Celebs for the Web.

Amidst the free food/booze, deep cuts provided by NY’s DJ Vikas and TV screens featuring real-time check-ins and social media stats, the trio described Fox’s recent team-up with Mr. Youth and HP on the Campus Legends basketball tournament. While no video, audio or pictures were allowed to be published, Fox and Dushku were cordial/engaging enough, discussing how celebrities can boost their respective “brands” on Twitter/Facebook, maintain a deeper relationship with fans, Charlie Sheen’s Twitter effect and the pair’s social media-related philanthropic activities including the Twitchange celebrity auction to benefit Haiti.

Yeah, we know it was a PR campaign of sorts, but it was refreshing to get some firsthand perspective from celebs who seem to be digging deeper with the service than just amassing followers and tweeting innocuous garbage. Insert snark here in the meanwhile, but we’ll have some pull quotes to add to this shortly.

Who Wants to Be Ashton Kutcher’s VP?

Social media guru/Punk’d creator/lauded thespian Ashton Kutcher is the “president of pop culture” at Popchips in case you didn’t know, and the man who likely credits himself for bringing Twitter to the mainstream is now on the hunt for a VP. What’s the payoff, you ask? Well, a $50,000 one-year gig that includes responsibilities such as “creating unique digital content,” on-location reporting at three “top pop culture” events in the U.S. and of course, actively participating on the Popchips’ social media channels.

This effort, which stars the That 70′s Show alum and Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live, comes to us courtesy of L.A.-based shop Zambezi, the creators of recent VitaminWater ads among other things. March 2 is deadline and you can find out more here, or just watch the sorta funny unfold above.