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Stephen Fry “Prepared To Go To Prison” Over Twitter Joke Trial

As I wrote back in May of last year, Paul Chambers holds the dubious distinction of being the first Briton to be convicted of a criminal offense because of something he wrote on Twitter.

As Chambers detailed in The Guardian:

“The reason for the arrest was a tweet I had posted on the social network Twitter, which was deemed to constitute a bomb threat against Robin Hood airport in Doncaster: “Crap! Robin Hood airport is closed. You’ve got a week and a bit to get your shit together otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!” You may say, and I certainly realise now, it was ill-advised. But it was clearly frustration, caused by heavy snowfall grounding flights and potentially scuppering my own flight a week later. Like having a bad day at work and stating that you could murder your boss, I didn’t even think about whether it would be taken seriously.”

Unfortunately for Chambers it was taken very seriously indeed.

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Alan Davies And Stephen Fry: When Celebrities Fail At Twitter

UPDATE: Shortly after publishing this post, Stephen Fry decided to block me. I have no idea why he felt this was a necessary course of action, but it nicely underlines one of the main points I’ve made in this piece and consistently since Twittercism started: that being, how the naivety of celebrities in these largely uncharted waters of one-to-many online social interaction with the (shudder) public is as much to blame for any negative attention they receive as the ill-will of the collected masses.

I have no idea if Fry read my piece, or simply felt I posed enough of a threat by daring to mention Alan Davies in a negative light (one hopes he was proactive and actually did a bit of detective work). And being frank, I’m not sure it really matters: by blocking me, it’s essentially the same as if he’d left Twitter and never returned, as he briefly proposed to do. Twitter, for me, is now a no-Fry zone.


You’ve no doubt been following the furore surrounding Stephen Fry’s announcement that he was considering leaving Twitter, after a user declared him to be ‘boring’.

Alan Davies And Stephen Fry: When Celebrities Fail At Twitter

There’s actually more praise than criticism within that tweet, but one thing you can never do to a working celebrity is announce that they are dull. Fry, who suffers from bipolar disorder and was in his own words in quite a low mood, took the communication very much to heart.

Alan Davies And Stephen Fry: When Celebrities Fail At Twitter

A full 12 hours passed between this last tweet and his next, and in this time his fans and supporters went a little bit… crazy. @brumplum was repeatedly and at times viciously attacked by hundreds of people on the Twitter network.

These outbursts included the participation of Fry celebrity chum and QI contestant Alan Davies, who after stating that @brumplum was a moron, then went on a mad tirade at anybody who dared to pick him up on it.

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