Whispers in the newsroom are that TWT’s top pick for Digital Managing Editor is Ian Bishop. Bishop is most known for a 2008 incident in which he threw a phone through a plate-glass window while at the New York Daily News. He prides himself on being a hardass. He’s known for being hardworking, smart and likeable.

In July of 2012, the New York Daily News fired Bishop, then a political editor, for friction with editor-in-chief Colin Myler.

Bishop may be a kindred spirit and perfect fit for the job as news emerges that TWT consultant John Solomon, who resigned from the publication under a dark and gloomy storm cloud in 2009, will likely be announced as TWT‘s new Chief Digital Content and Revenue Officer as soon as today. Solomon, who is not trusted or liked by a lot of the newsroom staff, has told people that this is his new title.

Solomon is setting up numerous meetings this week with editors to discuss operations and is using the first-person singular in discussions: “What I will be looking for,” “What I want to see,” etc.

It is clear to many inside the publication that he’s calling the shots. On Friday… Read more