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Ocala Magazine Editor Was Ctrl-C and Ctrl-Ving Her Way Through Her Job


Funny story. Heather Lee, an editor in a little magazine in Florida is turning out the award-winning copy without a hitch – all is fine for six years. Then someone drops off an envelope with over 20 instances where she clearly plagiarized other sources – big sources like Vanity Fair and O Magazine. Now she is an outed plagiarist. Ocala reports her saying:

“So when I say that I never intentionally reproduced someone else’s work as my own, I’m being truthful.

“Clearly, in the course of six years and millions and millions of words, there’s the possibility that phrases and paragraphs can slip through the cracks.”

Uh, yeah. Defense of plagiarism: millions of monkeys on typewriters…Way to up-sell the profession.

The weird part is that everything seems to be still is fine. As of this posting she still has a job. Funny huh? Thousands of real scribes Twittering their life away and Lee gets to implement new policies at the magazine like feeding copy through a data-bases to check for ‘problems’.

We like what Steve Huff has to say on the issue. He also went to the trouble of finding a couple of other instances where Lee just pasted her way to her deadline. Apparently, they were not too hard to find.

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Margaret Jones /Peggy Seltzer’s Childhood on the Reservation/Professor Duped


Gordon Sayre, the professor at U of Oregon who taught Peggy Seltzer, semi-defends the practice of false memoir writing:

If Peggy’s assertion that she had spent part of her childhood on the Quinault reservation was untrue, if the paper she had written about this experience was based on false premises, at least it was backed up by enough research to be convincing.

There’s a moral assertion–lying is okay, provided you’re good at it. Or else, a professor of Native American literature knows little or nothing about the lives of actual Native Americans.

He then segues into gassing on about the “real scandal” of young men in South Central, a subject on which he is no doubt, equally well-informed. This guy couldn’t find his ass with both hands. Betcha Peggy got an A.

Tallulah Bankhead rounds up the book blurbs.

Daniel Mendelsohn explains why all this matters: stolen suffering, via Nancy Rommelmann’s expansion on same.

Alas, no movie deal was in place before the news of the fakery broke, and unless the whole backstory is part of the package, there’s not likely to be one.

Undercover Black Man has an excerpt from Inga Muscio’s book which references Seltzer:

My friend has post-traumatic stress disorder, which is frequently exacerbated by the need, just about every weekend of her adult life, to attend funerals of friends shot down in gang warfare.

Those gang funerals! They just eat up the weekends.

Steve Huff points out that at least one of Seltzer’s MySpace pals shares her email address–and thus, probably DNA. (That MySpace page has been modified –check the PDF.)

Margaret B. Jones/Peggy Seltzer

Margaret B. Jones/Peggy Seltzer: Foundation a Fake, But What About Her Tattoo?


Kevin Allman points out that the NYT decides that checking the facts is a good idea:

If we can’t find ways to check key facts, names, graduation claims, etc., we should hold the story until we can verify them, and if we can’t, we should be suspicious. Live and learn…

Ah, remember the good old days?

Radar has Steve Huff’s major scoop: the HomeGirl Hosejob AOL journal:

im jus a gurl…a simple one at that. i was a soldier once, but i think i am semi-retired now. dont doubt that i am doing my work still, only what that work is has changed and as someone told me once, “u are not a soldier unless u are in a war”. these days im enjoyin my peace, fillin my head an hopin an pushin toward big things.

Edukation. im not talkin that white washed BS, but truth. we all need to fill our heads with something other than what is shoved at us and oviousally not workin. we need to start understandin the struggle that we are left in and how it has evolved so we understand what we do and why.

And of course, the MySpace page. (You didn’t think she was on Facebook, did you?) Seltzer describes herself:

I am a mother, an aunty, a godmother, a participant in the gang truce process, a loyal friend to those within my circle, someone’s future wife;)and one of the best cooks you could ever meet

Is the cookbook thing dead then? Is that why Mimi Read got the NYT assignment–she knows neckbones?

Agent Faye Bender helped Seltzer set up some phony foundation. Our agent doesn’t even take our calls.

Susan Salter Reynolds feels sorry for Seltzer. The LAT has gotten two columns and an editorial out of this, but why we have’t we heard from Erin Aubrey Kaplan? If there was ever a time for some black outrage, this is it, folks.

And here’s a local question–how did a nice girl from Sherman Oaks meet MaddRonald Chatman? And wow! Inga Muscio thanks him as well. Unless of course, she means Ronald Chatman, headmaster of the St. Timothy’s Episcopal Day School in Compton. Are there a lot of Episcopalians in the Rollin 20s?

Robert Pho is considered the master of the pitbull tattoo.