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1–2 out of 2 freelancers
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Katya Andrievskaia New York, NY USA three_quartersone
Illustrator (20 Years), Designer (20 Years), Graphic Designer (7 Years) (Updated 9/19/2014)
Diverse professional background in graphic design and art. Solid understanding of design process + technical skills to take a project from concept to completion. Available freelance or part-time.
Susie Jin West New York, NJ USA halffour
Graphic Designer (10 Years ), Illustrator (9 Years), Book Author (3 Years) (Updated 4/19/2011)
Children's author/illustrator/licensor, creating art for toys, children's books, packaging, social expressions industry and more. Fun, bright, kid-friendly art geared to kids and family market. Visit www.susiestudio to view portfolios.
1–2 out of 2 freelancers