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  Jeffrey Merron
Professional/Personal Overview
  Looking for captivating prose based on in-depth interviews and research? Broad experience in technology, sports, travel, medical writing, business and politics, personal essays, and in-depth analysis.
Work Info
Content Editor (online) 21 Years
Editor 33 Years
Writer 32 Years
Entertainment 17 Years
Sports & Recreation 20 Years
Technology 22 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
33 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Macworld (11+), MedTech Journal (11+), Nonprofit Technology News (11+), 108 Magazine (11+), Asylum.com (11+), Computers.net (11+), ESPN (11+), Durham Magazine (6-10), Chapel Hill Magazine (3-5), Consumers Digest (1-2), Endurance Magazine (1-2), Information Week (1-2), PCWorld/Macworld Content Works (1-2), TidBITS (Apple and Macintosh News) (1-2), Turner Broadcasting (1-2), Slate (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Outer Banks Marathon (11+), TD Waterhouse (3-5), Rhiza Labs (3-5), SciTech Publishing (1-2), U.S.A. Track & Field (1-2), The Coker Group (1-2)
Other Work History
The Progressive Physician (formerly MedTech Journal)
Contributing Editor

Nonprofit Technology News
Contributing Editor

ESPN.com (Sept. 2001-Aug. 2006)
Contributing Editor/Page 2 Columnist

SportsJones Magazine (1998-2001)
Executive Editor

IBM (Nov. 1995Aug. 1997)
RTP, North Carolina
Corporate Communications

BYTE Magazine (Feb. 1987April 1988)
Peterborough, NH
Associate News Editor

Other positions: Philadelphia Inquirer (sports intern); Princeton Packet (sports editor); USA Today (research consultant; Wisc. Public Radio (prod. asst.). Have also written for dozens of newspapers, magazines, Web sites, and newsletters.

Full time professor of journalism and mass communication (six years); also taught part time at UNC-CH and New School in NYC.
Computer Skills
iPod, iPad, and Macintosh expert -- OS 10.7, Word, HTML, Excel, Audacity (sound editing), iMovie (video editing), and many other applications
Technical Skills
digital editing and audio production (spoken word); desktop publishing; multi-media blogging; "hidden Internet" or "deep Web" research
high-end digital audio recorder, laptop, high-quality digital camera, broadband Internet, direct-to-digital phone recording, photocopier, fax, etc.
*Ph.D., Mass Communications Research, UNC-Chapel Hill

*M.A., Mass Communication Research, U. of Wisconsin-Madison

*B.A., Bennington College, Political Science

Graduate of Instructor Development Practicum, North Carolina Outward Bound School.

Graduate of Wilderness Medical Associates Wilderness First Responder course.
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near Raleigh-Durham, NC. I am willing to travel anywhere. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
(Chapel Hill magazine, 9/1/2007)
John Hinton, once one of the country's top high school milers, is 45 years old and running nearly as fast has he did 30 years ago. He often wins races, on both the track (against collegians) and the road (against competitors of all ages). And he's now, at age 45, a world record holder.
(ESPN.com, 9/17/2005)
A profile of former Braves pitching coach Leo Mazzone.
(ESPN.com, 5/19/2003)
A profile of Michelle Wie, age 13, including interviews with both her and her father.
(Creative Living Magazine, 7/1/2012)
How to do a "media fast" or take a "digital sabbath" and why.
(ESPN.com, 10/28/2008)
A "bracket" of 16 great cold weather sports games and achievements.
(Consumers Digest, 8/1/2007)
Fee-based services aimed at making your fantasy baseball, football, or basketball teams better can be found all over the Internet, and we found plenty of services that won't necessarily benefit your team. You don't have to pay $50 for specialized analysis or $10 for someone to settle disputes within
(108 Magazine, 4/7/2007)
The true story of the strangest cancellation in baseball history.
(Slate.com, 3/31/2006)
Why former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi is wacky -- but not, as an opponent says, close to a nervous breakdown.
(Slate.com, 3/16/2006)
Sure, take a break—and help cost the U.S. economy $588 billion.
Consumer and Business Technology  
(Macworld, 1/11/2015)
An archive of Macworld reviews and columns from the past five years. Includes reviews of iOS and Mac products and my "Digital Reading Room" column.
(Macworld, 10/5/2011)
Abvio, a small iPhone software developer based in San Francisco, has released the first fitness app that takes advantage of the Notification Center, one of the most important new features in Apple's new mobile operating system.
(Macworld.com, 6/21/2011)
A brief review of Smart Pad, a calendar app for the iPad
(Macworld, 6/7/2011)
A review of task management apps well suited for "Getting Things Done" beginners.
(Macworld, 4/29/2010)
Feature on the pros and cons of third-party app alternatives for printing from your mobile device.
(The Progressive Physician (MedTech Journal), 10/13/2009)
How can a doctor or a practice possibly keep track of all of the potential interactions (and allergies) for each patient, considering that patients may be taking a lengthy list of prescribed and over-the-counter drugs? By using E-prescribing systems.
(TidBits, 4/3/2009)
Is your iPod also your running partner? What about when it gets rainy? While lots of water-proofing methods exist, it can be hard to find one you can trust. This is my informal review of my new favorite iPod accessory: iBagz.
(The Progressive Physician (MedTech Journal), 8/29/2008)
Web-based systems that automate crucial and time-consuming patient communication aspects of running a practice make more sense now more than ever. By embracing new technologies practices can both satisfy the demands of the majority of their patients and ratchet down costs.
(Information Week, 11/6/2007)
Cities around the country seem to be backing away from their promises of widespread, free municipal Wi-Fi services. Are they abandoning the idea of public Wi-Fi, or just retrenching?
(Asylum.com, 12/2/2009)
An archive of my posts to Asylum.com, a "men's interest" site run by AOL.com. My posts tend to be entertainment-oriented. The archive is updated frequently.
(Durham Magazine, 4/1/2008)
On the 20th anniversary of its release, a look at how the film "Bull Durham" captured and helped spur change in Durham. Includes interview with producer Thom Mount, one-time president of Universal Pictures.
(ESPN.com, 7/26/2006)
The classic Bill Murray movie is surprisingly autobiographical.
Personal essays  
(ESPN.com, 6/17/2005)
A Father's Day tribute to my dad.
(ESPN.com, 11/19/2003)
A personal look back at sports in the 1970s
Culture and History  
(ESPN.com, 3/7/2002)
When did the NCAA Tournament become "March Madness"? When did the semifinals become the "Final Four"? When did the NCAA men's basketball championship tournament arrive as an Event, on a par with the World Series, even surpassing the NBA playoffs, and deserving to be mentioned with the Super Bowl?
In 1965, Sandy Koufax refused to pitch in Game One of the World Series because it was Yom Kippur, a Jewish holy day. Instead of Koufax, Don Drysdale pitched for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and he gave up seven runs in 2 2/3 innings. "I bet right now you wish I was Jewish, too," Drysdale said to Walter
(ESPN.com, 12/8/2008)
An interview with the New Yorker staff writer about his most recent book, the No. 1 bestseller "Outliers," and its sports-related implications.
(ESPN.com, 7/26/2004)
An interview with the presidential candidate.