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  Paula Felps
Professional/Personal Overview
  As a versatile and energetic writer, I've literally gone to the ends of the earth - from the Arctic Circle to Antarctica - for a story, visited some of the world's best resorts and have gone to race car driving school - twice!

Don't let my extensive lifestyle experience fool you; I also cover business and technology issues and offer a full spectrum of corporate writing services, including RFP responses, scripts/speeches, PowerPoint presentations and press releases.

On a more serious side, I've investigated domestic violence among the elderly and sexual abuse in children; I am passionate about music, health/fitness, animals and the environment, and have written about all of those topics for many years. In short, I love finding (and telling) a good story.

I recently relocated from Dallas to Cincinnati, and am available for assignments in either city...or anywhere else in the world.
Work Info
Book Author 13 Years
Editor 21 Years
Writer 27 Years
Business (general) 18 Years
Health 16 Years
Lifestyle 26 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
27 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Ebyline (11+), Dallas Market Center (11+), D Custom Publishing (11+), Private Clubs Magazine (11+), VHA Hospital Association (11+), Informed Healthcare Media (11+), American Driver Magazine (11+), GrandLuxe Registry (11+), Earth911.com (11+), American Airlines Custom Publishing (11+), Energy Solutions Center (6-10), Associated Locksmiths of America (6-10), Bauer Publishing (6-10), Successful Living Magazine (6-10), World Ventures (3-5), Health Industry Council (3-5), iVillage (3-5), Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake (3-5), Fort Worth Star-Telegram (3-5), TexCorp Publishing (3-5), Live Happy Magazine (3-5), Reserve Magazine (1-2), Royal Media Partners (1-2), National Care Network (1-2), Novation (1-2), Out Here Magazine (1-2), Picaboo Yearbooks (1-2), Go Magazine (1-2), Wisdomology Publishing (1-2), CultureMap Dallas (1-2), Conde Naste (1-2), B&H Photo (1-2), American Express Publishing (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Kimberly-Clark International (11+), Priority Management Associates-Philadelphia (11+), Texas Farm Bureau Insurance (11+), Texas Instruments (11+), University of Texas at Dallas (11+), Walmart.com (11+), Hewlett-Packard (11+), Freeman (11+), DFW Elite Auto Rental (11+), Mercy Wine Bar (6-10), Kimberly-Clark (6-10), Boy Scouts of America (3-5), Insigniam (3-5), Lee Engineering (1-2), Rolland Safe (1-2), Behringer Harvard (1-2), Alleia Spa (1-2), Facial Techniques (1-2)
Other Work History
Covered Personal Technology for The Dallas Morning News, 1998-2003; former editor of Where Dallas and Performance magazines; former assistant managing editor of A.M. Journal Express daily newspaper. My personal blog, onwheelsinheels.com, covers luxury cars from a female perspective.
Computer Skills
Word, Excel, Windows XP
Digital recorder, laptop, Canon Rebel XT
Available upon request
Include Magnum Opus, Pearl Awards, Dallas Press Club, Suburban Newspapers of America, Associated Press, National Newspaper Association, Writer's Digest, Texas Public Health Association
I have a photographer whom I frequently partner with on assignments, so I can provide photography and photo editing as an additional service.
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near Cincinnati, OH. I am willing to travel anywhere. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
(Private Clubs Magazine)
Asian-inspired drinks are all the rage, and this article looks at how Shochu - a 400-year-old Japanese beverage - has become the new darling of the bar scene. Then I give you a quick glimpse of how ginger-flavored beverages are part of this Asian-themed drink trend.
(GrandLuxe Registry)
Every fall brings the opportunity to explore new red wines; this story looks at four exceptional finds for 2008...and beyond!
(American Driver Magazine)
Tequila has overcome its hard-partying image and has gone from the frat house to the penthouse. Here's how this once-notorious spirit has overcome its image problem.
(American Driver Magazine)
For the holiday issue of American Driver Magazine, I looked at some of the coolest new ways to toast the season.
(American Driver Magazine)
Rum is no longer just a mixer; it has grown into its own as the second best-selling spirit. Here's a look at how the premium rum market has learned to stand on its own.
Business & Technology  
(Insigniam Quarterly , 3/1/2013)
Design thinking is experiencing a resurgence in popularity as of late. What does that mean to business leaders?
(InStore Magazine, 9/1/2012)
These days, women mean business. Big business. This story looks at how retailers can better meet the needs of the true decision-makers: female consumers.
(CoxToday Magazine, 4/1/2012)
Today's CFO is more important than ever as finance becomes the competitive factor between success and failure.
(InStore Magazine, 3/1/2012)
Find out how American Country Collection in Santa Fe not only weathered the economic storm - but came out on top.
(Private Clubs Magazine, 6/1/2011)
Former Microsoft Executive Scott Oki has devoted his post-executive life to philanthropy. Click the link to read his thoughts on how technology has changed philanthropy; the story in the PDF offers his insight on how to choose charities wisely.
(CareerBliss.com, 1/1/2011)
Thinking of making a career change? There's no time like the present!
(InStore Magazine, 9/1/2010)
In today's economic climate, retailers have to learn how to utilize their marketing resources - particularly the free ones!
(InStore Magazine, 6/1/2010)
For retailers, understanding the psychology of how their customers shop is just as important as getting them in the door. This story is a look inside the mind of today's shoppers.
(Power Outlet Magazine)
This trade magazine for electrical contractors looks at trends and explains how contractors can turn them into financial gain. For this article, I looked at the array of "smart" home accessories that can control everything from the home theater center to the water heater.
(SMU CoxToday Magazine)
For its fall issue, SMU's Cox School of Business wanted to look at the impact millennials have on today's business world. My story, "Business and the Net Generation," looks at one aspect of this complex equation.
(Petside.com, 12/1/2011)
Losing a beloved pet is never easy. Here are some ideas on how to make a lasting memorial to help ease grief.
(Petside.com, 12/1/2010)
For this story, I looked at how pets with disabilities can provide unexpected rewards for the people who love them.
(Natural Awakenings)
Most of us realize what an important role nutrition plays in how we feel; but did you also know it affects your dog? This story looks at how to take a more holistic approach to your dog's diet.
Health & Fitness  
(Live Happy magazine, 1/1/2014)
Can laughing change your life? Scientific research says yes. Find out how Dr. Madan Kataria combined laughter with yoga to create a worldwide movement.
(GrandLuxe Registry)
Looking for a safe investment? Try investing in your health! This story looks at ways to add years to your life - and life to your years.
(Beyond Magazine (Meredith Corp.))
Laura Miller had just won a controversial City Council election when she learned she had breast cancer. This story looks at the journey that softened her notoriously sharp edges - and led her to become the mayor of Dallas.
(Texas Institute for Surgery )
This is a health-centric lifestyle magazine that I custom created, wrote and edited for the Texas Institute for Surgery through Informed Healthcare Media.
(The Cask, 3/7/2014)
The ancient sport of falconry enjoys a rich history - and a resurgence in modern times. This look at the sport appeared in "The Cask," which is published by Glenlivet Scotch.
(Executive Travel, 12/1/2013)
How do executives escape the stress behind the desk? By getting an adrenaline rush behind the steering wheel. This story looks at some of the best ways to put adrenaline in high gear.
(Texas Heritage for Living magazine, 3/1/2013)
Next to owning a house, retiring early is the American Dream. What does it take to achieve that? Here's a handy guide to early retirement...
(Texas Heritage for Living, 2/1/2013)
Think retirement means slowing down? Think again! This story for Texas Heritage for Living shows how those post-retirement years can be some of the most productive - and most enjoyable - years of your life.
(Associa Living, 10/1/2012)
Keep little goblins and ghouls entertained with these creepy Halloween-themed foods.
(Associa Living, 10/1/2012)
This fall, turn your balcony into an outdoor room!
(Associa Living, 9/1/2012)
Although we've spent the last two decades ripping it from our walls, wallpaper is trendy again - see what's new about it!
(Associa Living, 6/1/2012)
Ties are tired; this Father's Day, look to the garage for some great ideas to make Dad's day memorable!
(Associa Living, 5/1/2012)
Finding that work/life balance is even more challenging in cramped quarters; here are three ways to make it work for you.
(Associa Living, 7/1/2011)
These days, we'd all like a little more time - and if we could get some extra cash at the same time, that would be great, too! Here are a few appliances to help work toward that goal...
(Associa Living, 1/1/2011)
Sometimes, creating a new look for your living space is as simple as changing out the lighting.
(Associa Living, 12/1/2010)
What makes a great holiday table? This story tells you!
(Associa Living, 12/1/2010)
This story offers ways to have an out-of-the-ordinary (and out of this world) party to ring in the new year!
(Private Clubs Magazine, 9/1/2008)
This feature looks at three great new pens for fall.
(eCity of Autos)
Avanti was originally launched in 1961 to infuse the flagging Studebaker automotive line with new energy, but eventually fell off the radar. In 2006 the company opened a new production facility in Cancun ... and I went there to check out these sleek, sporty cars.
(GrandLuxe Registry)
The hottest new trend in nightclubs is actually very cool. Around the world, ice bars are gaining popularity, thanks to the Ice Hotel in Sweden - and now you can even find one in Vegas.
(American Driver Magazine)
Choosing between two exotic cars may seem as impossible as selecting a favorite child. Fortunately, exotic car clubs offer you the satisfaction of driving a luxury car - without the hassles of ownership.
(American Driver Magazine)
Living the good life has become attainable to virtually everyone - at least for a little while! This story looks at the growing trend of fractional ownership, a concept which has evolved far beyond vacation condos.
(Private Clubs)
What's better than being behind the wheel of a luxury car? How about being behind the wheel of five luxury cars - in one day! In one of the most enjoyable challenges of my career, I drove $1 million worth of cars in a single day...
Music & Profiles  
(Private Clubs Magazine, 1/1/2014)
What does it take to become the winningest coach in Florida State University's women's basketball history? Ask Sue Semrau, the only woman who knows that answer first hand.
(Private Clubs Magazine, 1/1/2014)
Jeremy Aisenberg was working on his PhD in molecular genetics when he took a break and started a sports marketing company "just for fun." It turned out to be a good move.
(Private Clubs Magazine, 5/1/2013)
As CEO of Spanx, Laurie Ann Goldman specializes in changing how people feel about themselves. Here's how she landed her dream job.
(Private Clubs, 3/1/2013)
I caught up with Richard Rawlings, star of Discovery Channel's Fast 'n' Loud show, to talk about cars...
(Private Clubs Magazine, 12/1/2012)
At the age of just 24, second-year PGA Tour golfer Kyle Stanley has already worked up to the 18th spot on the Money Leaders list - and has won his first PGA tournament.
(Private Clubs Magazine, 5/1/2012)
After building her fame in the LPGA, hall of famer Amy Alcott is designing golf courses - for the 2016 Olympics, no less!
(Private Clubs Magazine, 3/1/2012)
Tom Ricketts wanted to work with his siblings, so when the Chicago Cubs went on the auction block, he bought the team - which he now runs with his sister and two brothers.
(Private Clubs Magazine, 9/1/2011)
As a rookie coach, Dan Bylsma stepped in and led the struggling Pittsburgh Penguins to win the Stanley Cup. I caught up with him and got his thoughts on the upcoming season.
(Go Magazine, 11/1/2009)
When Go, the inflight magazine of AirTran Airways, published a spotlight on Dallas/Fort Worth, they wanted a look at four of the area's most interesting personalities. Here's who I came up with.
Beneath the groovy moniker of Foxboro Hot Tubs, pop-punk pioneers Green Day became one of the best '60s acts never to come out of the 1960s.
She might share an album title with country music's Gretchen Wilson, but on her spunky debut, Katy Perry gives us one of 2008's freshest and quirkiest pop albums.
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 2/19/2014)
Dalhousie Castle near Edinburgh has it all -- birds for practicing falconry, a dungeon in which to dine, a tea room with a hidden bar ... and even a ghost.
(HI Luxury , 8/1/2013)
See why Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in Bandon, Ore., remains one of the nation's top-rated golf courses.
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 7/3/2013)
From the polar bears to dogsledding to the spectacular Northern Lights, there are many reasons to visit Churchill, Manitoba - and even more reasons to want to stay.
(Fort Worth Star Telegram, 4/2/2012)
Santa Fe's new Hotel Chimayo celebrates the lowrider culture of the city.
(GrandLuxe Registry, 5/1/2009)
The exclusive, secluded community of Spring Island brings the high life to the South Carolina Low Country.
(GrandLuxe Registry, 2/1/2009)
Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is one of my favorite places in the world. This story explains why.
(GrandLuxe Registry, 1/1/2009)
For a great taste of all that winter has to offer, I abandoned Texas' moderate temperaturs and headed north of the border to Jasper in Alberta, Canada.
(GrandLuxe Registry, 11/1/2008)
Tucked away on the eastern end of Scenic Route 30A - arguably Florida's most picturesque highway - the community of Rosemary Beach has created what just might be the perfect world. Or, at the very least, the world's most perfect vacation spot.
(American Driver Magazine)
CuisinArt Resort and Spa is one of those places that brings all the beauty of the Caribbean to life under one irresistable roof.
(American Driver Magazine)
Anchored off the coast of the Princess Royal Island in Vancouver, British Columbia, King Pacific Lodge is reachable only by boat or seaplane. But as much of an adventure as it is to reach the luxury lodge, the true journey - and excitement - begins once you get there.
(American Driver Magazine)
Looking for the perfect getaway? A trip to The Reefs in Bermuda ought to do it! This story looks at the resort that has consistently been named one of the world's best places to stay.
(MasterCraft )
To celebrate its 40th anniversary, MasterCraft wanted a coffeetable book that celebrated its rich history of building quality boats, as well as showcasing the company's pivotal role in watersports. Here's one of the chapters I wrote that profiles some of the best athletes ever to hit the water.
(Dallas Market Center, 1/15/2011)
The Source is a bi-annual publication created for Dallas Market Center in conjunction with its Total Home and Gift Market each January and June. As editorial director, I coordinate the many "moving pieces" of this magazine.
(Thomson Reuters)
This monthly ezine, created for Thomson Reuters, caters to its continuing professional education division and offers insight into topics relevant to accounting professionals.
(Energy Solutions Center)
Natural Living is a consumer-oriented magazine that offers tips on greener living and how to save both money and energy.
(Health Industry Council)
This is an ezine created specifically to publicize the Health Industry Council's upcoming Health & Technology Forum.
Alliance Magazine is the bi-monthly publication for VHA, an organization that serves hospital members in 47 states. I am responsible for managing the editorial process of this publication, which offers an in-depth look at healthcare issues.
(Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake)
Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake wanted a magazine that would reach its surrounding community and provide health and wellness information. I was responsible for developing themes/content for each issue and managing the launch of this quarterly publication.
Retail Trends  
(Christmas Source, 6/1/2011)
Christmas stockings have come a long way, Baby! Forget the red felt sock with the white top; today's stockings come in all shapes, colors and sizes.
(Christmas Source, 12/1/2009)
For this magazine, which targets retailers, I looked at why we have so many different styles of Santas out there.
Energy/Green Living  
(Natural Living magazine, 5/1/2013)
When it comes to heating your home, there are many options - and many factors to take into consideration. This article looks at a few of those...
(Associa Living, 10/1/2011)
This story looks at what your high-tech gadgets might be doing to your energy bill ... and what you can do about it.
(Associa Living, 1/1/2011)
Looking for a more natural approach to the holidays? Giving gifts inspired by nature offer a calming alternative to high-tech toys.
(Associa Living, 1/1/2011)
If your stove is old enough to vote, it might be time to replace it. Here are some tips for knowing when to say when...
(Associa Living, 11/1/2010)
This story offers remarkably easy ways to start enjoying a greener life - regardless of where you live!
Corporate Presentations and Media Kits   
(Author Joe Watson )
I wrote the press and promotional materials for this book on diversity training, which was published by St. Martin's Press.
My Favorite Stories  
(Private Clubs Magazine, 1/1/2008)
Dave "Phoenix" Farrell is like a lot of guys - he works hard and likes hitting the golf course every chance he gets. It's just that his "day job" happens to be bass player for the Grammy Award-winning rock band, Linkin Park. In this interview, Phoenix redefines the "rock 'n' roll lifestyle."
(Texas Driver , 6/1/2007)
One of the most fascinating people I've ever interviewed was Jay J. Armes, a private investigator who was tapped by Stan Lee to be "the first real-life superhero."
(Private Clubs Magazine, 7/1/2004)
One of the most intriguing assignments I've ever received was the story of a man who awoke from a dream about a young girl who needed his help - and he then set out to find this mystery child. We later told his story in my 2005 book, "Unshakable."
(Texas Driver )
ZZ Top frontman Billy F. Gibbons is obviously a phenomenal musician, but he's also a big car aficionado. I had a great time talking to him about cars, music and a few other things that didn't make the story. What a fascinating guy!
Recycling & Sustainability  
(Earth911.com, 1/8/2014)
The growing problem of non-biodegradable plastics floating in our oceans is causing some forward-thinking environmentalists to create unexpected solutions.
(Earth911.com, 1/8/2014)
For years, conventional wisdom has said that solar panels should point south to be most effective. Could results of a new study change that thinking?
(Earth911.com, 12/31/2013)
When the Cincinnati Park Board discovered that a destructive beetle was infecting its trees a few years ago, they knew they had a problem. Today, they've turned that problem into an eco-friendly business.
(Earth911.com, 12/27/2013)
What kind of house can you buy for $500? If you're as industrious and creative as this couple, you might be surprised...
(Earth911.com, 12/4/2013)
Finding the perfect gadget for eco-friendly geek in your life isn't nearly as difficult as it sounds.
(Earth911.com, 11/4/2013)
Tin cans and tires aren't your typical building supplies for a high-end bed & breakfast -- but then again, the Dobson House in Taos isn't your typical B&B.
(Earth911.com, 10/31/2013)
Sportscaster Angela Sun was appalled when she witnessed the Pacific Garbage Patch first hand. So she made a movie about it.
(Earth911.com, 10/21/2013)
When a couple in Pembrokeshire, Wales, built their completely sustainable, eco-friendly dream house, they never dreamed it would create such a controversy.
(Earth911.com, 10/11/2013)
There are about 5,000 earthships around the world, and many believe these sustainable homes are the way of the future.