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  Amber Nasrulla
Professional/Personal Overview
  Journalist for 20+ years. Freelance for national mags, papers, websites in N.A., Europe. BEATS: business; health/beauty; parenting; entertainment; travel. Credits include: ELLE Canada, The Globe and Mail, L.A. Times, Parents Canada, Reader's Digest Cda, Chatelaine, Mom.Me. Articles on Shopify's brainiacs; Pakistan/India border; Thai village renowned for jazz fest & spas; Saudia Arabia.
BUSINESS/CONTENT MARKETING: Interviewed thought leaders in social media. Profile entrepreneurs on brand development, innovation.
HEALTH: Interviewed genetic scientists; anthropologists; neurobiologists.
PARENTING: Infant to preschool - ear infections, the barfing, night terrors, technology.
CELEBRITIES: Chris Rock; Seth MacFarlane; Katy Perry; Emily Blunt; Taylor Lautner; Charlie Sheen.
Can write 75-word news item, 300-word charticles, or 4,000-word magazine features.
I also take on corporate and custom publishing projects that don't conflict with my journalism. www.ambrodisiac.com
Work Info
Copy Editor 19 Years
Reporter 20 Years
Researcher 20 Years
Family, Children & Teenagers 5 Years
Women's Issues 10 Years
Business (general) 20 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
20 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
ELLE Canada (11+), Chatelaine Magazine (6-10), The Globe and Mail (3-5), Orange Coast Magazine (3-5), ParentsCanada magazine (3-5), Reader's Digest Canada (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
TELUS Corporation (11+)
Other Work History
ELLE Canada, Contributing Writer 2003-present
-Features on health, relationships, celebrity profiles
-L.A. blogger at Oscar & Grammy parties

ParentsCanada Magazine, Freelance Writer 2011-present
-Cover life stages from newborn to empty nest

Chatelaine magazine, L.A. Writer 2010-present
-Cover stories on celebrities

TELUSTalksBusiness.com, Blogger 2009-present
-Contracted by Canada’s largest telecommunications firm to write about entrepreneurship; innovation; social media

The Globe and Mail, Reporter 1994-present
-Covered crime, politics, religion
-Copy editor; business reporter
-Freelance for Arts, Travel, & Life

TV Guide Canada, Freelance Writer 2004-present
-Freelance for TVGuide.CA

CTV Television Network 2000-2003
-PR manager for National News
-Executed PR campaign for morning show’s national tour. Ad Value Report of $1.5-million
-Developed strategic plans, executive materials; press kits, news releases
Computer Skills
Word, Excel, OS 10, Windows XP, Final Draft, PowerPoint
Technical Skills
-Adobe Photoshop
-I can ice-skate backwards
Nikon CoolPix L18,
Sony digital audio recorder
Foreign Language Skills
Fluent in Urdu
Work Permits & Visas
-U.S. Permanent Residency card
-Dual citizen Canada / European Union
On request
-Silver Winner, Feature Writer "Patron of the Snakes," Cottage Life magazine,
International Regional Magazine Association
-Gold Winner, “Magazine of the Year,” Associate Editor, Cottage Life
-Gold Winner, “Special Focus,” Children’s Package, Associate Editor, Cottage Life
UPOD (Los Angeles)
-Judge for International Regional Magazine Association's (IRMA) 2011 awards
-Undergraduate degree in English and Chemistry (Postgrad in Journalism)
-Reported from Saudi Arabia, northern Pakistan, England, Thailand, Germany, France, Switzerland
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near Los Angeles, CA. I am willing to travel anywhere. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
Women's Health  
(ELLE Canada, 11/15/2011)
Stem-cell facelifts are being touted as the new anti-aging breakthrough. Do they live up to the hype?
(ELLE Canada, 9/15/2011)
If a woman cries, she's weak. If a man weeps, he's a hero. Call it the Mr. Sensitive Advantage
(ELLE Canada, 12/15/2010)
From Russia with love: Why kefir is a hit with the fashion set
(Chatelaine magazine, 8/15/2010)
Powerful allies: antioxidants fight disease and combat free-radical damage
(ELLE Canada, 5/15/2010)
Is freezing your eggs the key to beating your biological clock?
Parenting / Kids  
(Mom.Me, 11/1/2012)
Am I Ruining My Kids?: How many days of school can you miss before it's not OK?
(ParentsCanada magazine, 6/19/2012)
How to survive your kid's "FPB" - First Public Barf
(ParentsCanada magazine, 5/30/2012)
Use the power of suggestion to help your preschooler deal with nightmares. Think of it as 'Inception' for youngsters (alas, Leonardo DiCaprio not included).
(OpenSalon.com, 1/13/2011)
Amy Chua, there is a middle parenting road
(The Globe and Mail, 6/15/2009)
The kids who tormented me in junior high want to be friends on Facebook. I call it Fake Facebook Friendship and I want to tell them to bugger off.
(Reader's Digest Canada , 4/1/2012)
Jessica Pare is fully engaged and ready to take on Season Five of Mad Men
(Chatelaine magazine, 11/15/2011)
COVER STORY. Private Practice's Kate Walsh shares her prescription for loving her forties
(Cineplex Magazine, 9/20/2011)
At just 19 Taylor Lautner seems to have it all. The "Twilight" star has a new production company, a new film, "Abduction", but all he really wants is to go to Disneyland
(ELLE Canada, 9/15/2011)
COVER STORY. Katy Perry opens up about her style, her second album and Russell Brand
(ELLE Canada, 3/15/2011)
COVER STORY. Emily Blunt on marriage, two new movies and one very curious party trick
(Chatelaine magazine, 11/15/2010)
COVER STORY. Talent, ambition, and a lot of hard work have taken actor Kim Raver from "Sesame Street" to "Grey's Anatomy". She talks about juggling career and kids and what really drives her
(The Globe and Mail, 6/22/2012)
Our five-year-old son's quest to meet Lightning McQueen takes an unexpected turn
(ELLE Canada, 9/6/2011)
Discover the art of relaxation at one of the world's most sublime spas
(Air Miles Inspired Living, 11/15/2010)
It's a whole other kind of California experience
Business / Entrepreneurship  
(TELUSTalksBusiness.com, 7/19/2012)
Shopify's Harley Finkelstein shares what companies do wrong when creating an online store
(TELUSTalksBusiness.com, 6/7/2012)
Social media consultant and dairy farmer, Andrew Campbell, understands the importance of social networking. He also loves milk.
(TELUSTalksBusiness.com, 3/30/2012)
De-stress workshops; physical activity; and personal career development can motivate employees
(TELUSTalksBusiness.com, 3/15/2012)
Hair stylist Brian Phillips was allergic to soaps and shampoos so he created his own line of fragrance-free, color-free, environmentally products
(TELUSTalksBusiness.com, 3/7/2012)
How far should a company go to trademark the name of its business?
(TELUSTalksBusiness.com, 4/27/2011)
Public brainstorming and where good ideas come from
(TELUSTalksBusiness.com, 4/19/2011)
How telecommuting can reduce stress on the planet and increase competitive advantage
(TELUSTalksBusiness.com, 3/8/2011)
Direction, goals, and clear objectives help to keep a remote team on track. And annual in-person meetings help too.
(Los Angeles Times, 10/22/2006)
How private faith is going public among the African-American elite of Hollywood
(Chatelaine magazine, 9/1/2000)
A disenchanted young woman heads to Mecca
Contact Info
  Amber Nasrulla
Anaheim Hills, CA 92808

Tel: 7143195555  
E-Mail: anasrulla@gmail.com
Website: http://www.ambernasrulla.com