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Jake Finch Simi Valley, CA USA three_quartersfour
Reporter (13 Years), Writer (13 Years), Editor (8 Years) (Updated 7/6/2009)
An extensively published freelancer, author, editor and sometime photographer, I adeptly dive into new areas of knowledge, as well as my old favorites, with professional ease. I love both a challenge and learning about new industries and trends.
Allison Dickens Fairfield, CT USA three_quarterstwo
Editor (14 Years) (Updated 3/25/2009)
A former Senior Editor for major New York publishers I have edited New York Times bestselling women's commercial fiction, "chick lit," memoir and pop culture. I am available for content editing and manuscript evaluation. I love to work closely with...
Pamela Patton Grand Rapids, MI USA three_quartersfour
Copywriter (25 Years), Promotions (25 Years), Content Editor (online) (10 Years ) (Updated 1/2/2009)
I develop ideas that encompass all media to create a comprehensive marketing, branding, advertising or public relations campaign. Whether you need copy on-line, on paper or on the air, I’m able to get my arms around each project and quickly get to...
Rosaliz Jimenez New York, NY USA quarterfour
Photo Shoot Producer (12 Years), Editor (photo, picture) (11 Years) (Updated 1/15/2009)
I am a photo editor with 10+ years of experience in magazines. I can produce a wide range of shoots (covers, fashion, beauty, still lifes, celebrities, portraits, food, interiors/home, health/fitness, lifestyle and documentary) from beginning to...
Kay Day Jacksonville, FL USA three_quartersfour
Reporter (21 Years), Content Editor (online) (10 Years ), Book Author (7 Years) (Updated 11/17/2008)
Self-employed 20 years. Published in The Writer, Christian Science Monitor, Coastal Homes, Florida Times Union and many others. Content for United Press International, Sky News, Beneath the Brand, The Writer website and others. Provide content for...
Aimee Youngs Miami, FL USA quarterthree
Graphic Designer (10 Years ), Photographer (5 Years), Copywriter (Entry Level) (Updated 10/6/2008)
After working in Graphic Design for the past 10 years, I am anxious to shift my focus toward Copywriting. While I am still accepting Graphic Design projects, any opportunities to work on copywriting are especially valuable to me.
Matthew Pitt Gulfport, MS USA three_quartersthree
Book Author (10 Years ), Editor (10 Years ), Writer (10 Years ) (Updated 9/14/2008)
(ALL TK) Whether seeing a project through its nascent stages, or cleaning up a fire started by someone else, I love generating ideas, pitching content, and identifying creative responses to problems. 96% of my ideas fall into the category of good o...
Melissa C. Feldman New York, NY USA halffour
Copy Editor (14 Years), proofreader (14 Years), Editor (12 Years) (Updated 6/29/2008)
I am a FABULOUS copy editor/proofreader. I work very hard and very fast. I'm extremely good at what I do and was clearly born to be an editor. I LOVE editing and would relish the chance to do it for you. On-site or at-home work is fine.
Gail Jones Somerset, NJ USA no_quartersthree
Reporter (20 Years), Writer (20 Years), Editor (10 Years ) (Updated 4/23/2008)
Award-winning 20-year veteran of the daily newspaper industry who has been among the Presidential press corps and interviewed entertainment icons. Also experienced as a newsroom manager and senior editor.
Iva-Marie Palmer-Stanis Burbank, CA USA no_quartersfour
Writer (10 Years ), Editor (5 Years), Producer (new media) (3 Years) (Updated 12/20/2007)
Let's put it this way: Sophomore year of high school, my "Is Luke Perry the New James Dean?" commentary got me detention (yet earned me an 'A') while my essay positing solutions to the illiteracy epidemics won me lauds. Now a full-grown writer,...
Mark Abouzeid Florence Italy no_quartersthree
Producer (new media) (17 Years), Reporter (15 Years), Photographer (5 Years) (Updated 10/15/2007)
Award winning Photo Journalist... living in Tuscany for the past ten years. My photographic work has been published The Washington Post, Die Spiegel, Dove' Travel, The New York Times and others. My concentration is Travel, Architecture and the...
Eyal Goldshmid Orlando, FL USA quarterfour
Editor (10 Years ), Writer (10 Years ), Content Editor (online) (7 Years) (Updated 5/3/2007)
I am an outgoing, creative, self-starting individual with superb communication and investigative skills. I have more than a decade of professional writing and editing experience, including several with outlets like the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel...
Emily Anderson New York, NY USA no_quartersfour
Copywriter (10 Years ), Writer (3 Years), Book Author (1 Year) (Updated 2/9/2007)
Emily is a freelance writer. She writes editorial for the beauty, wellness, and lifestyle categories. She is also copywriter with experience writing ad copy, press releases, marketing and promotional material for Martha Stewart, Victoria's Secret...
Joyce Flory Chicago, IL USA halffour
Writer (20 Years), Editor (20 Years), Researcher (20 Years) (Updated 1/16/2007)
Joyce Flory knows healthcare and mediicine. She offers strong skills in research, writing, editing, media relations, Web infrastructure and content, conference design, speechwriting, report and white paper development, and marketing communications....
Mili Narayen USA no_quarters
(Updated 12/2/2006)
Jason Carpenter New York, NY USA halffour
Editor (5-10 Years), Writer (5-10 Years), Reporter (5-10 Years) (Updated 9/15/2004)
From glossies to newspapers, I'm an experienced and widely published freelancer who has developed specialities in home improvement, men's magazines and high-end corporate and leisure travel. To keep my reporting and source developing skills sharp, ...
Sasha-Ann Simons no_quarters
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Tom Clos no_quarters
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Boon Yap no_quarters
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HUMA RAZVI no_quarters
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Joshua Richardson no_quarters
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Aiden Hunt no_quarters
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Angela Church no_quarters
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Sari Kamin no_quarters
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Renee McDonald no_quarters
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Megan Cobb no_quarters
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Susan Smigielski Acker no_quarters
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Zainab Chaudary no_quarters
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Wendy Knight no_quarters
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Jennifer Philpott no_quarters
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Julia MacDonnell no_quarters
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Elyssa Ackerman no_quarters
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Kimberly Clements Johnson no_quarters
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Donna Kay Miller no_quarters
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Tiffany Jones-Smith no_quarters
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Satu Vanska Westgarth no_quarters
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Sarah Isakson no_quarters
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Leah Carri no_quarters
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Marlene Oeffinger no_quarters
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Susan Prekel no_quarters
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Meta Wagner no_quarters
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Michelle Spinnler no_quarters
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Natalka Burian no_quarters
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