At the Inside Social Apps conference in San Francisco today, Google+ director of engineering David Glazer said that the company will integrate personal Google+ pages into many aspects of your online experience.

If you want to see how your Google+ page already affects search results, click the “personal results” tab at the top of the screen the next time you perform a Google search. Glazer explained in his interview: “The obvious insight is that people care about other people so that should be baked into what you do while you’re online. The reasons Google+ is named that is we didn’t think of it as “Oh we want to add another product.” We wanted to up the game to help our users.”

Even if you don’t use Google+ regularly, writers, publishers and publishing professionals should have a strong Google+ profile to improve these search results. Below, we’ve reprinted five common Google+ profile mistakes. If you avoid these problems, you will build a stronger following and help readers find you online.

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