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Archives: January 2008

Which Candidate is Your Boss Backing? Check HuffPo


(PRNewser’s own voting mugs)

We have a new site driving Search: Huffington Post’s Fundrace. The site allows you to look up any donor of over $200 by name, occupation, location, or company. It defaults to Martha Stewart when you enter (Hillary Clinton, $4600 in Q2 2007).

You could get the same information back in 2004 though it was buried deep on the Federal Elections Commission site. HuffPo’s optimized site ends up quite high when you Google someone without a long paper trail.

Curious to know which heads of PR agencies are giving money to the candidates? So were we. First thing to note is in the Public Relations Primary, Democrats received $229,351 vs just $133,632 to Republicans.

No analysis–here’s a sampling:

Daniel Edelman–$1000 to Joe Biden (Q2 ’06), $2300 to Barack Obama (Q1 ’07), $1000 to Mitt Romney (Q3 ’07), $2300 to John McCain (Q4 ’07)

Richard Edelman–$2300 to Obama (Q1 ’07)

Ben Finzel, SVP & Out Front blogger, Fleishman-Hillard DC–$2300 to Bill Richardson (Q2 ’07)

Pat Kingsley, former head of PMK–$1000 to Clinton (Q3 ’07), and a donor to Emily’s List

Dan Klores–$3300 to Chris Dodd (Q1 ’07)

Howard Rubenstein–$4600 to Hillary Clinton (Q1 ’07), and $4600 to Rudy (Q4 ’07)

Richard Rubenstein–$2300 to Clinton (Q1 ’07)

Steven Rubenstein–$4600 to Clinton (Q4 ’07)

George Shelton, Wal-Mart–$1500 to Clinton (the only recipient of a Wal-Mart exec’s money)

Mediabistro Course

Mediabistro Job Fair

Mediabistro Job FairLand your next big gig! Join us on January 27 at the Altman Building in New York City for an incredible opportunity to meet with hiring managers from the top New York media companies, network with other professionals and industry leaders, and land your next job. Register now! Down, PR People Freak Out

twitter grab.jpg

Twitter, the 140-character-or-less blogging service has problems lately. From last night till late this morning, I noticed the site was down.

PR people didn’t really freak out, and according to our quick survey of agency people involved in web2.0 work, it didn’t affect clients either. It is however, a great service for people with similar interests to quickly share a piece of real-time info with their disciples, err I mean “followers.”

Edelman’s Steve Rubel pointed to, and agreed with Dave Winer that people using Twitter have a vested interest in fixing it. Text100‘s Aaron Uhrmacher agreed that it’s more of a personal annoyance and said downtime and interruptions are par for the course, akin to SecondLife.

Paull Young from Converseon pointed me to love notes from concerned tweeters here, here, and here, while Kevin Dugan suggested a bit of meme-mining at Twitterverse, Twitterbuzz, and Twitterstat.

Dugan’s point is where this new communication gets interesting. By “new” we mean in the timeline of PR. We know Twitter has been around a while. Quick scans of what’s hot on Twitter can tell you a lot about what’s important to the early-adopters of not only tech but ideas. Tweeters want to be heard otherwise they wouldn’t be there.

A bit of clarification about PRNewser. We aren’t a web2.0 PR blog as many people assume. However, as we said yesterday, if people are using a new tool to engage each other and decide for themselves what is most important, we want to know about it. Eventually these things become the focus of entire PR conferences, or even the focus of new double secret corporate action groups. Btw, thanks for not getting back to us Blog Council.

If you require immediate…wait for the tired buzzword…ROI, check out these posts to learn how to use Twitter to find story ideas, find a PR job, and other case studies.

Feel free to chase Aaron, Paull, Kevin and Steve. They might Tweet something great that won’t show up on their blogs.

You can follow us here and here.

How the Media Can Keep Making Money, So We Can Keep Pitching Them


PRNewser is here in the bloggers’ bullpen at the “Big Media Online. Now Comes the Hard Part: Sustaining Growth,” panel at the AlwaysON OnMedia NYC conference. BuzzMachine blogger Jeff Jarvis put together a panel that included: Gordon McLeod, President, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network, Alisa Bowen, SVP, Reuters, Jeff Price, President, Sports Illustrated Digital, Caroline Little, CEO and Publisher, Washington Post Newsweek Interactive and David Kirkpatrick, Senior Editor, Internet & Technology, Fortune magazine. Phew, that was a mouthful.

Of course, things started right off the bat with the WSJ free vs. paid debate, with Gordon McLeod telling Jarvis, “we like both worlds right now.”

Rather than continue on transcribing the panel, I thought I’d offer up some of the interesting quotes that caught my attention.

Read more

Get a Clue, Use Crowds

I’m at AlwaysOn NYC enjoying some rapid-fire presentations from CEOs featured in the AlwaysOn 100. Of the hundred, Cluepedia is one of fifteen “community platform” companies. For our buck, this is the area worthy of the PR industry’s curiosity.

We can’t easily live-blog about Cluepedia in depth, but we can tell you CEO David Saad used every second of his 5 minutes on stage with his jargon-free explanation and Willy Wonka enthusiasm. He is either a natural or has a terrific media coach.

“We’re the most viewed page at, the American Idol for entrepreneurs,” according to Saad’s talk.

According to the site, “Beyond rating, reviewing, or even blogging, it’s about influencing. If you want to become an influencer whose opinion is spread like wildfire, create your clues in Clupedia – the encyclopedia of clues from crowds.”

You can’t swing a strategic cat these days without hitting a PR exec talking about the power of community generated content and the wisdom of crowds. Every year new means of communication crop up and its a wise bet to learn how the information and ideas propagate within and in turn, reach the mainstream media.

We’re in favor taking new technology for a spin. The most you’ll lose it time away from American Idol, the least you’ll gain is a bit of vocab and an anecdote for that next ubergeek new business meeting.

Of course everything you want to know about the wisdom of crowds can be found on Wikipedia.

Don’t Be Wrong With Duncan Riley, Or Anyone, For That Matter

(image cred)

TechCrunch‘s Duncan Riley on Twitter:

I don’t mean to be rude and not respond to PR emails, but well…some don’t deserver response, particularly when they are wrong.

Oh snap! PRNewser’s inbox has been filling up lately, so we can only imagine the joyful materials Duncan must sift through on a daily basis.

(Ok, so we realize not all of our readers are geeks. Go here for a quick definition of Twitter.)

How To Get on Gawker

Get good interviews and the hits will come. That sentence could describe PR video maven Doug Simon’s strategy to bring traffic to his D S Simon Vlog Views video blog.

Simon’s interview with Associated Press entertainment editor Jesse Washington, now well known for having Britney Spear’s obituary written and ready to go, landed on today.

Disclosure: This PRNewser counts Doug Simon among his former bosses.

PRNewser: “A Top PR Blog”

Our buddy Jon Greer over at BNET’s Catching Flack called out PRNewser as a top PR blog along along with Edelman 6 A.M., Strumpette and PR 2.0, among others.

Jon says:

There’s a lot of “news” in the PR industry about new hires and new agency accounts, and frankly, I can’t think of anything more BORING. PRNewser keeps this drivel to a minimum and instead reports on all kinds of other interesting items about our industry.

Thanks Jon!

Ok. End self promotional post here. PRNewser is blushing.

Clean Up That Resume


Bridgepoint Education is looking for a Director of Public Relations

MarketingSherpa is looking for a Senior Reporter

KB Network News is looking for an Account Supervisor

Citysearch is looking for a Public Relations Manager

Ketchum is looking for summer interns in Dallas Breaks American Idol Crop Circle Embargo


The Center for Media and Democracy’s broke a Nebraska agency’s embargo regarding an American Idol crop circle.

The agency in question, Swanson Russell doesn’t represent mischievous aliens, rather Claas LEXICON combines.

This elicits either a big fat sigh from us if the agency used the deadly combination of a mass form letter combined with the E-word, or a snicker if it was intentional flame-baiting. We wish it was the latter.

PRWatch’s Judith Siers-Poisson went through considerable trouble to reprint Jennifer Windrum’s pitch and even link to the combine maker. Rather than thank Ms. Siers-Poisson, Windrum commented on PRWatch about how the inclusion in media databases somehow constitutes an agreement to honor embargoes.

We really don’t follow this trend of angry PR people commenting on blogs about their own mistakes. Your better off pretending it was part of your “strategic master plan,” and you forgot to run it by the client first.

Spin the Agencies of Record


(sushi in the Chicago burbs rocks)

This edition of Spin the Agencies of Record highlights new accounts in sushi, energy, tradeshows, biotech, pharma, and an awareness campaign for embarrassing condition we wouldn’t wish upon the surliest AE:

Empower PR to dish up Rock ‘N Roll Sushi

Shazaam! selected by the Enuresis Treatment Center. Enuresis is bedwetting. Shazaam! to use “social marketing, proactive and reactiveblogging, traditional and electronic media relations services” to raise awareness and change misconceptions

Greenhunter Energy chooses CTA

Licensing International Expo 2008 selects 5WPR

Schwartz lands five new clients in biotech, pharma, and medical devices