In a letter sent to the New York Post and obtained by TVNewser, Amanda Knox‘s father Curt Knox disputes what was written in Page Six today about news organizations allegedly “babysitting” his two youngest daughters.

Specifically, Knox argues that while ABC News provided its producer’s hotel room for his daughters to stay in during the trial, at no time did the producer “babysit” the children. He writes that a CBS News producer also provided a hotel room for them to stay in during the day (a claim CBS denies, below), and that an NBC News producer offered them a room to use if they needed one, (NBC’s response, also below):

One of ABC’s producers, Nikki Battiste, was very kind to offer to let the girls stay in her hotel room during court sessions. However, the NY Post article refers to this kind gesture as “babysitting”. This is an outright lie, as at no point in time did Ms. Battiste stay in the room and babysit my younger children. She was accomplishing her required job functions in the courtroom and during shoots with Elizabeth Vargas and various other talent. I would like to clarify again that at “no point in time” was Ms. Battiste EVER babysitting my younger daughters.

Further clarification to this NY Post article is the mis-information related to the other networks, NBC and CBS. During one of the morning court sessions, Ashley

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