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KDVR News Director on Decision to Air KUSA Dog Bite Footage: ‘The Other Stations are Wimps’

Shortly after a dog bit KUSA anchor Kyle Dyer on-air last week, the station’s news director, Patti Dennis, called up every news director in Denver and implored them not to air footage of the bite.

Dennis told TVSpy last week that she urged her fellow news directors to “show respect” because the video was “traumatic to people at KUSA.”

Despite Dennis’s pleading, one news director, KDVR‘s Ed Kosowski, decided to go ahead and air the footage. Read more

Dog Who Bit KUSA Anchor Kyle Dyer Will Be Released This Weekend

Max, the Argentine mastiff that was impounded last week after biting KUSA anchor Kyle Dyer, will go home this weekend after 10 days in quarantine.

The dog and his owner, Michael Robinson, were on the set of the KUSA morning show just 24 hours after Max was rescued from an icy pond when the incident occurred. Dyer required four hours of reconstructive surgery and more than 70 stitches in her lip last week. She is scheduled to return to the doctor this week for an evaluation.

Max will not face any serious consequences, according to the Associated Press. Denver environmental health spokeswoman Meghan Hughes said Robinson is due in court on February 29 after he was cited with failure to have his dog on a leash and allowing his dog to bite.

Owner of Dog Who Bit KUSA Anchor Speaks Out in KDVR Interview

The owner of the dog who bit KUSA anchor Kyle Dyer last week recently sat down for an exclusive interview with rival station KDVR and complained that the high-profile nature of the incident is keeping his dog detained at the Denver Animal Shelter longer than he should be.

Max, the 85-pound Argentine Mastiff who bit Dyer during KUSA’s morning show last Wednesday, is currently under a 10-day quarantine at the shelter.

“I feel personally because it is a high profile case that…wheels are turning in the background that we don’t see,” Max’s owner, Michael Robinson, told KDVR reporter Justin Joseph. Read more

After Four Hours of Surgery Following Dog Bite, KUSA’s Kyle Dyer to Undergo Additional Procedure

KUSA morning anchor Kyle Dyer underwent four hours of reconstructive surgery last week following Wednesday’s dog bite incident, and she expects to undergo another procedure in the next few weeks.

In a post on her Facebook page over the weekend, Dyer described the surgery and thanked viewers for their support.

“After a 4 hour surgery, I have 70 stitches in my upper lip, lower lip and nose,” Dyer wrote.  “I am unable to talk because my mouth is stitched shut to allow for the skin graft to take and get the blood circulating in my lips again.”

Dyer is scheduled to return to the doctor this week for an evaluation. Read more

KUSA News Director Does Her Best to Block Video of Kyle Dyer Dog Bite

Calling it “traumatic to people at KUSA,” news director Patti Dennis has done her best to ensure that viewers don’t see the video of KUSA anchor Kyle Dyer being bitten by a dog during the station’s morning show Wednesday.

Dennis told TVSpy this week that, following the on-air incident, she contacted the news directors of every station in Denver, imploring them not to air footage of the bite.

While it appears most stations respected Dennis’s request, at least one, Fox-affiliate KDVR, aired footage of the bite.

In addition to trying to keep the video off the air, Dennis attempted to keep the video off the internet this week. Read more

KUSA’s Kyle Dyer Released From Hospital Following Dog Bite

KUSA morning anchor Kyle Dyer was released from the hospital on Thursday afternoon after undergoing reconstructive surgery for injuries she received when a dog bit her during the station’s morning show on Wednesday.

“Kyle is in good spirits, despite not being able to talk due to her injuries,” KUSA reported on Thursday. “She is, however, scurrily writing down messages and tapping away on an iPad to make sure everyone knows how appreciative she is of their love and support. She is up and walking around, which the doctors say will help in her recovery process.”

News director Patti Dennis says that Dyer will return to work once she is recovered, whenever that will be.

KUSA Reports: Dog Who Bit Anchor Kyle Dyer ‘Most Likely’ Will Not Be Put Down

KUSA sent reporter Chris Vanderveen to the Denver Animal Shelter on Thursday to check up on Max, the 85-pound Argentine Mastiff that bit anchor Kyle Dyer. The dog is currently under quarantine following the on-air bite.

In a story that lead KUSA’s evening newscasts on Thursday, the shelter’s director told Vanderveen that Max will “most likely” not be put down.

“One of the things that Max has going for him is that it appears that this is his first bite,” the shelter’s director, Doug Kelley, said.

Recounting the incident in his story, Vanderveen emphasized the potentially stressful circumstances surrounding the bite (it was less than 24 hours after Max was rescued from icy waters and occurred under bright studio lights) as well as the fact that Dyer got “close, really close” to the dog. Read more

Outpouring of Support on Facebook for KUSA’s Kyle Dyer Following Dog Bite

Although KUSA anchor Kyle Dyer has been silent following Wednesday’s on-air dog bite, viewers in Denver have been very active on her Facebook page, writing their support on her wall.

“My prayers are with you and for your speedy recovery,” one person wrote this morning, echoing the sentiments of many.  “We miss you!”

“You are greatly missed,” another person wrote, alluding to the fact that Dyer is off the air as she recovers from reconstructive surgery.  “You always have such an engaging smile and you make everyone feel like they are part of the family… We look forward to seeing you back on camera again soon.”

And while the majority of the comments on Dyer’s Facebook wall have been positive in the 24 hours or so following the attack, this being Facebook, there have been a handful of negative comments as well as a few arguments. Read more

KUSA Anchor Undergoes Reconstructive Surgery Following On-Air Dog Bite

KUSA anchor Kyle Dyer underwent reconstructive surgery on Wednesday to repair injuries she sustained when a dog attacked her during the station’s morning show.

In a message posted on KUSA’s Facebook page on Wednesday, Dyer’s longtime co-anchor Gary Shapiro wrote that she was “doing incredibly well all things considered.”

“Kyle had reconstructive surgery on her lip, after she was bit by the dog this morning on the air,” Shapiro wrote. “Her recovery is going to take a while, but it is now underway.” Read more

KUSA Anchor Attacked by Rescued Dog During Morning Newscast

The heartwarming story of a local dog rescued from an icy pond on Tuesday took a turn for the worse this morning as the dog reportedly attacked KUSA morning anchor Kyle Dyer during the station’s 7 a.m. newscast.

Max, an 85-pound Argentine Mastiff, fell through the ice on a pond near his home Tuesday evening and spent roughly 20 minutes stranded in the freezing water before firefighters made a dramatic rescue, which was caught on tape by KUSA’s news helicopter.

After teasing Max’s visit to the KUSA studio throughout the morning, the station had him on during its 7 a.m. show, which airs on KTVD.  While Max was meeting the KUSA morning team, he bit Dyer on the face (video inside). Read more