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Featured Account: @ITRCSD Shows How To Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

This continues our Pay It Forward Friday series.

Have you or someone you know fallen victim to identity theft? It’s one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States.

If you’ve been lucky enough to dodge the identity theft bullet so far, you’ll want to read this so you can prepare for (and hopefully head off) a potential future attack.

And you should also read up on what identity theft IS, because it’s not restricted to financial theft (it’s not funny like this).


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Would You Pay A Small Monthly Fee For Social Media Insurance?

Identity theft and other nefarious online deeds are the bane of any social media user’s existence. We’re all a little afraid of someone stealing our passwords, messing with our social profiles and possibly even taking control of our online banking and bills.

A company in the UK has noticed this fear of being hacked among social media users, and is now offering insurance against digital criminals at a cost of £3.99 per month. Would you pay?
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How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft On Twitter (And Everywhere Else)

In case you hadn’t noticed, Twitter is in the middle of a boom. User accounts number some 20 million, all around the world, and you can hardly pick up a newspaper on magazine without somebody talking about the network.

I monitor my new followers fairly closely and it’s amused me of late how many folk are being reduced to fairly desperate usernames, simply because most of the good ones are already taken. This is especially true of spammers – I’ve seen about a hundred variations of the term ‘internetmarketer’, all complete with underscores, hyphens, unnecessary pluralisation and other foolish oddities. You ain’t foolin’ anybody, sweetheart.

While I pause for a second to double-check that pluralisation is actually a real word (it is), this situation with the ‘good names’ on Twitter rapidly running out is, of course, essentially an identical problem that we all face when trying to come up with great domain names.

I was incredibly lucky with – one, that it was available at all, but two, that it absolutely suited my purpose. It’s worked incredibly well. I was also fortunate that I got involved on Twitter early enough that my choice of username – Sheamus – was not taken.

The Sheamus account is where I do all of my tweets. If you want to keep up with Sheamus, that’s who you need to follow. I like it because it’s short (only seven letters) which is great for re-tweeting, but it’s also memorable. I’m known as Sheamus pretty much everywhere on the internet, and most of my friends think of me that way, too. It’s almost become my brand.

Indeed, according to Google, I’m the second most famous Sheamus in the world, behind the wrestler Sheamus O’Shaunessy (whose real name is Stephen Farrelly). It’s enough to make a guy’s head turn, but I don’t take it too seriously. Do note though that my Twitter account is the top link.

The Other Me On Twitter

I also have one other account on Twitter. It’s not a sock puppet, it’s not for spamming, and it’s not for testing purposes.

It’s the account that contains my real name. That is, the name I was born with, and also the one that cashes the cheques.

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