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Twitter Begins Testing Geo-Location Ads

Twitter’s still-fledgling advertising product, Promoted Products, is taking a small step out into the wide world as it begins testing Promoted Trends, Tweets and Accounts based on location.
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All Users Will See Promoted Tweets in Their Timelines by Q4

Think you’re one of the lucky ones who hasn’t seen a promoted tweet in your timeline yet? Well count your blessings quick, because you’ll start seeing them by the end of the year.
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What Brand Will Charlie Sheen Twit-Endorse First?

He is now in the Guinness Book of World Records for fastest growing Twitter account. He’s been called “America’s biggest billboard”. And he’s started more trending topics on Twitter this past week than any other single source. He’s Charlie Sheen, of course, and his #tigerblood apparently smells pretty good to advertisers, who are fighting for a piece of this mega-Twitter-star’s pie.
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Leaked Twitter Presentation Reveals Plan for Advertising Revenue

Twitter has taken its time building a revenue plan, but now the company is ready to move forward with it in a big way. A leaked document reveals that Twitter expects to earn $100 million in advertising revenue from its Promoted Tweets, Accounts and Trends in 2011, and it assures potential Promoted Products customers that Twitter users will get used to the increasingly intrusive ads in their timelines.
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Twitter’s Financials Uncovered: Is the Company now Worth $10 Billion?

In a matter of months, Twitter’s apparent valuation has climbed from $4 billion to $10 billion, as the company enters into low-level acquisition talks and reveals some of its financials. But is it really possible that Twitter has grown by $6 billion since December?
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Al Jazeera Uses Promoted Tweets to Reach Western Audiences

They may have been censored, discredited and even thrown in jail, but the members of Al Jazeera aren’t backing down. Rather than bow to Murabak’s pressure that they stop covering the protests in Egypt, the Qatar-based news organization is reaching out to Western audiences – most of whom don’t have access to their English-language channel – using Twitter.
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Self Serving: New Details On Twitter Ad Platform Beta Tests

Twitter has begun quietly testing a new self-serve ad system, rolling it out to few beta testers, according to a report which the service refutes. The arrival of such a system has been speculated on for months: In October, shortly after taking the CEO reigns, Dick Costolo confirmed that the company was planning a self-serve ad system that would eventually deliver ads based on location.
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Twitter Expands Twitter For Business Section (And Now Everyone Can Sign Up To Buy Ads)

Twitter has refreshed its Twitter For Business pages to provide a lot more detail on how the platform can be beneficial for corporates.

The biggest changes are content-rich sections on their promotional features, which includes promoted tweets, trends, accounts and analytics.

Promoted Tweets

Promoted Trends

Promoted Accounts


Twitter also expands on its Cost-per-Engagement (CPE) system:

When you promote a Tweet, only the most relevant users see it–put simply, that’s users that follow similar accounts to yours.

Promoted Tweets are offered on a Cost-per-Engagement (CPE) basis, so you only pay when a user Retweets, replies to, clicks on or favorites your Promoted Tweet. Retweeted impressions by engaged users are free, and can amplify the reach and cost-effectiveness of your campaign many times over.

I’m curious how you set a payment ceiling when an advertising message can be passed on by retweets – if you’ve hit your daily budget, does the message stop appearing completely, or are the retweets still ‘out there’ and, therefore, retweetable, at no extra cost to you?

While the advertising program is still in beta and only available to a select group of advertisers, Twitter has added a form to their business pages which allow everybody to sign up to be notified when the platform goes live to all. I’ve signed up, and if you’re a business or brand looking to leverage Twitter and its 175+ million users, so should you.

Companies Jumping on Organic Trends to Promote Tweets

There’s a new wave of Twitter-savvy advertisers who are adapting their marketing styles to Twitter’s Promoted Products in order to put their tweets in front of hundreds of thousands of eager eyes. Not content creating their own hashtags, smart companies are including already trending hashtags in their Promoted Tweets to steal the spotlight in an active, engaged conversation.
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Marketers, Disclose Your Promoted Tweets, Or Pay The Price

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT), the UK government body that enforces market regulations on behalf of consumers, warned marketers that undisclosed advertisements on Twitter will be treated just like undisclosed ads on TV and in newspapers – potentially landing them in hot water with regulators.
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