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Twitter Is For News, Content And Information. But It's Not A Social Network, Says Twitter VP

Twitter isn’t a social network, announces Kevin Thau (@kevinthau), Twitter’s Vice President for business and corporate development, at a Nokia World 2010 presentation yesterday.

It’s a nice soundbite, but I think it’s fair to say that for a lot of Twitter’s 145+ million users, it’s far more about the social aspect than anything else. Twitter is a fantastic resource for breaking and sharing news and information, and is now the tenth most-visited website on the internet, but, certainly from my experience on the network, as many people use the platform for chat and social interaction as they do the submission and sharing of data.

Although I guess it depends on what you label as ‘information’, but for the sake of argument let’s define it as updates that include an external link. I think it can sometimes appear differently as there’s a core, very loud and very influential group of power-users, tech blogs, news feeds and celebrities who link to external content in every submission and gobble up a lot of attention and retweets. These users can make Twitter appear to be all about sharing information, but it’s an illusion.

Of course, it very much depends on who and how many you are following, but for a lot of folks Twitter is just a fun place to hang and connect with their friends, many of whom they’ve met on the network. These individuals share and click on links too, but it’s not their primary concern.

Besides, why does Twitter have to be just one thing, or even a few? Can’t it be something different to everyone?

(Image source, and more about this story, over at RWW.)

Twitter For Business – Tips For Brands And Entrepreneurs On Twitter

There’s a new section on my website – Twitter For Business.

This page will house all the tips, tutorials and articles on Twittercism that are most relevant to brands and entrepreneurs on Twitter, including:

Next week, I’ll be publishing a step-by-step guide for businesses that are new to the social network, offering a ‘how to’ guide to maximise the Twitter experience. In the meantime, check out Twitter For Business, and let me know which topics you’d like to see covered in the future.

Can't Spare The Time? Get The Most Out Of Twitter In Just 30 Minutes A Day (Or Less)

In a recent piece I wrote about how it’s a common misconception for some to think that Twitter is a ‘waste of time‘.

How To Get The Most Out Of Twitter In Just 30 Minutes A Day (Or Less)There are others still who actually have an interest, and want to get involved, but fear getting caught up in something that’s going to be all-consuming, again leading to major time suckage. Your time is important, and anything that has a negative impact on that will be dismissed pretty quickly.

Or perhaps you think that unless you fully commit, you’re always going to feel (and worse, look) like an outsider, as if Twitter is a club to which you’ll never really belong.

The reality is, you can get everything you need out of Twitter in just 30 minutes a day. With practice, even less. Used wisely and with good habits, even this relatively brief period of time can be immensely rewarding and informative, to businesses and individuals alike.

The best part? Everything listed here can be easily managed at and Twitter search. The only thing you need is access to your favourite web browser, which means that software restrictions in the workplace (or on your mobile handset) aren’t going to hold you back.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Spread It Out And Break It Down

Let’s say you can only spare 30 minutes a day for Twitter. The network is a fluid, almost living organism that flows, trends and re-forms multiple times a day. Hence, using those 30 minutes all at once at a random point over a 24-hour period – which will usually be a hurried, last-minute thing when you get a moment to squeeze it in – isn’t the best use of your time.

Approaching Twitter in this way usually means missing out on lots of news, signal and opportunities. Which means you’ll get frustrated, and can leave you feeling like a bit of an outsider.

If your time is limited, it’s far better to slice what you have up into periods.

2. Try To See As Much Of The Twitter Day As You Possibly Can

It’s important to remember that Twitter functions over several time-zones and continents.

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