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A Behind-The-Scenes Look At How Twitter Search Works

Ever wondered how news breaks on Twitter?

When an event happens, and people instantly come to Twitter to search for the event, how do Twitter systems learn what the queries mean without any context, and collect them as a trend, before the search spike is gone?

Twitter’s official Engineering blog just released an in-depth look at how Twitter search works.

The results are pretty impressive – and enlightening.

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Twitter Adds Photos, Videos, Stronger Media On Apps And Context To Search

For a long time Twitter’s search functionality was criminally underused. Twitter knew this – heck, everybody knew this – and slowly but surely it has started to make improvements to its search tool to encourage users to be more proactive.

First, they made it faster. Then, they made it look better. Earlier this year they started adding additional, crowd-pleasing functionality, such as the Google-esque autocomplete that arrived in July.

Yesterday, Twitter announced further revisions to search, including greater emphasis on photos and videos, stronger media placement on apps and an explanation as to how and why your top tweets in search are selected.

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Twitter Gets Googlish With Search Results

In a move reminiscent of Google’s ‘Search Plus Your World,’ Twitter announced today that its now offering ‘People you follow’ search results.

Prepare to be underwhelmed.
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How To Track All Mentions Of Any Link Shared On Twitter [TWITTER TIP]

If you type any word or series of words into Twitter’s search box it will return a series of tweets, in reverse chronological order, where those words have been used. This is how search engines typically work, and most people know that.

What many of those same people don’t know is that Twitter’s search functionality is really, really clever. How smart? Well, how about this: it can easily track any web page that has been shared on Twitter… even if it’s hidden inside another URL.

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Twitter Explains Why Its Search Is Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Seen

It took Google years to come up with a nuanced algorithm to determine the most relevant search results for your queries (and many people think they’ve still got a ways to go). And it sounds like Twitter is in the same boat.

Twitter’s search engine has to process real-time trends that can surge and ebb in popularity within seconds, and its engineering team faces the challenge of making its search agile, flexible and relevant to your queries at any given moment in time.
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Twitter’s Smart Search Correcting Spelling Errors For You

Want to search for Justin Bieber on Twitter but can’t remember if the “i” comes before the “e” in Bieber? Or searching for the ever popular (and always entertaining) Twitter account of Alec Baldwin and want to find some of his costars from 30 Rock as well?

Now that info is ready and waiting – all you need to do is watch for and click the handy links!
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5 Twitter Secrets To Become Highly Visible In Your Niche

Without the proper understanding of just how powerful Twitter can be, many people feel like they’re just one small voice trying to be heard in a very large, very crowded room. It’s frustrating when you have great ideas that you want to share, but you simply cannot be heard above the noise.

We’ve got 5 ways you can increase your visibility within your niche, and build a powerful presence on Twitter so your the one controlling the conversation rather than being lost in it.
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How Did Twitter React To The iPhone 4S?

Yesterday Apple unveiled the 4S, the latest model in its popular iPhone range, but despite “200 new features” – which includes an improved camera and video, as well as Siri, a voice-controlled (and clearly quite intelligent) personal assistant – the launch met with a very mixed reception.

Why? Because it wasn’t the highly-touted iPhone 5. Apple’s stock fell over 5 percent immediately following the news (although it later recovered). But how did Twitter react?

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What’s Trending At Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Market research specialists Lab42 surveyed 500 Twitter users over the age of 18 to find out how they use the network – specifically, why they decided to start using Twitter, how often they access it (and from where), how often they tweet, how they find people to follow (and how they are) and how they interact with brands.

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Check Out The All-New Twitter Search

In the past I’ve written many articles about the sheer magnificence that is Twitter’s search functionality, which easily allows you to:

Plus a bazillion other things. Despite this,, the ‘other’ official Twitter web presence, has been all but ignored by users (except when it becomes a problem). Mostly because Twitter ignores it. And when people do use it, it’s typically via the search bar at the top of the screen on

That’s fine – it’s convenient, and far more likely to be seen by users. I have long speculated if Twitter was going to phase out, and now it seems that they have. Because now when you load up that URL you’ll re-routed to!/search-home, which is the new-look Twitter search.

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