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The One Thing Your Job Listing Is Probably Getting Wrong

Your company description shouldn’t be all about you—it should sell potential candidates on what a great employer you are

When you’re writing a new job listing, there’s one section you don’t think twice about. You copy and paste it from your previous listings without giving it a second glance.

Big mistake.

I’m talking about your company description. You know, that little paragraph that describes who you are and what you do? You may have grabbed the language from your official website, or maybe it was drafted and approved by committee, or maybe you wrote it five years ago and it’s still going strong.

But 99% of company descriptions fail to do one important thing:

Sell your company to the candidate.

It’s not enough to say what your company does. You have to take it a step further and say why it’s amazing and why a candidate would be lucky to work there.

This section is a chance for you to sell someone not just on the job itself, but on the workplace culture and environment that they’re going to experience every day. And you should do it in two to three sentences, max—a too-long description is a snoozefest.

Not convinced? Take a look at the top five reasons why it’s crucial for you to sell your company to potential applicants.

1. They don’t know anything about you.

Think the candidate pool already knows all about you?

Guess what? They don’t.

Even if your company has been in business for a hundred years and is considered a leader in your field, there are still people who have never heard of you before.

Don’t rest on your laurels. A good exercise is to pretend you’re describing your company to a recent college grad who doesn’t yet know the industry landscape. How would you tell them about your business?

2. They have assumptions about you—and they might be dangerous.

Some people have never heard of you, and some have heard too much.

If you’re an industry bigwig, frequently in the news, or had a recent scandal, there are candidates out there who have a strong opinion about you, whether it’s right or wrong.

Write down a few preconceived notions the public might have about your company. Do they think you’re corrupt? Bad for the environment? Low quality? That you don’t pay well, that you treat your employees badly, that you’re an overfunded startup run amok?

Whatever the case, it’s time to face the music. Position your company in a positive light and change those negative opinions. Don’t miss out on fantastic applicants who wrongly believe you’re not right for them. Focus on the positive.

3. Your standard “About Us” language doesn’t mean much.

If you’ve pulled your company description from your website, it’s definitely time for an update. Those descriptions are often aimed at the general public, clients, stockholders, subscribers, consumers…anyone and everyone except job seekers.

Erase the standard description from your brain cells and approach it from a different angle. What do job seekers want to know about you? What’s important to them?

That should be always your starting point.

4. You’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to show the passion behind your organization.

Job seekers want to feel a spark of connection when they read a listing, and this is your chance to provide that spark.

Mention what your company does, and then say WHY you do it. What’s the driving force behind your business? Why does it matter to you? Why should applicants be excited about it?

Don’t be afraid of sounding goofy or sappy—people want a workplace that’s built on passion, where their talents will be enthusiastically welcomed.

5. Job seekers have no idea why your company is perfect for them unless you connect the dots.

Even though it may seem obvious to you why your business is a great place to work, it’s not always obvious to someone scrolling through hundreds of listings per day.

Do the heavy lifting of showing a candidate exactly why your company rocks. It could be your culture, or the people, or the perks, or the flexibility. Maybe it’s your strong mission, your award-winning work, or your ability to grow new employees into superstars.

Whatever sets you apart, make it known. Candidates will feel a stronger connection to you right off the bat, and they’ll be far more likely to fill out an application and begin the process.

Always remember: Don’t describe your company—sell your company.

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