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6 Ways Employer Branding Benefits Your Hiring Process

Your company’s reputation can make a candidate search easy—or hard.

Employer branding has made its way into a lot of news stories these days – brands screwing it up—big time. United Airlines injured a passenger as they dragged him off a plane. Uber was racked with sexual harassment accusations. And Pepsi made a commercial so tone deaf, it became fodder for late night comedy.

These scandals don’t just affect sales. They also affect each brand’s ability to attract and hire new employees. After all, who wants to work for a business with a bad reputation?

That’s why it’s important to build your “employer brand”—your reputation as a place to work.

Is your workplace considered fun, laid-back and easygoing? Cutthroat, ruthless and high-paying? Scandal-ridden, problematic and dysfunctional? Or something else entirely?

Smart companies know that a positive employer brand benefits your hiring process, making it easier to attract and retain great talent. Here’s how it works.

1. Get More Candidates

What if you posted a job listing and nobody applied? It’s an HR nightmare, and it happens all the time. If you’re dissatisfied with the number of applicants for your job openings, you need an employer branding strategy, stat.

When candidates think highly of your company, they’ll apply for your jobs. When candidates think badly of your company—or have no opinion at all—they’ll stay far away.

It’s really that simple. Improve your reputation, improve the size of your applicant pool.

Examples of employer branding include (but are not limited to):

    2. Get Better Candidates

    Quantity isn’t everything, though. You want quality applicants who meet and exceed your requirements for the role—the cream of the crop.

    High-caliber candidates can afford to be picky about who they work for, and they won’t settle for anything less than an awesome workplace. Qualified job seekers will flock to you when you have a strong employer brand in place.

    3. Stop Wasting Time on Terrible Applications

    It’s incredibly frustrating to wade through a pile of applicants who just don’t get it. Their resumes don’t match your requirements, their experience is completely irrelevant, and their cover letters feel like they’ve been copied and pasted a hundred times before.

    In many cases, bad applications happen because applicants don’t understand what kind of company you are. Strategically communicate your reputation, your values, and your mission, and you’ll get stronger applications in the pipeline.

    When people know what kind of brand you are, they step up their game.

    4. Get Candidates Who Care About the Company, Not Just the Salary

    Salary and benefits are important for any job candidate, and of course, you’ll pay your new hire competitively. (Fair pay is part of any good employer brand.)

    When you have a stellar reputation, though, you’ll meet more candidates for whom compensation is not the most important part of the job. They’re more interested in the possibility of working with your company and being a part of your brand.

    (Surprise—they’ll be great brand evangelists once you hire them.)

    5. Have More Interviews that “Click”

    You know those interviews where the candidate seems totally lost, and things just don’t click? If you’re not focusing on employer branding, it might be your fault.

    It’s easier for candidates to prep for an interview when there’s plenty of available information about your workplace. You need an employer branding strategy that includes content creation and social media targeted at job seekers, so they can gain a deeper understanding of what you’re all about.

    Interviewees who have a stronger foundation of knowledge will perform better, and you’ll know right away if they click with your company.

    6. Save Time, Money, and Energy

    Employer branding adds up to one thing: finding the perfect new hire, faster. You’ll save time searching for and vetting candidates. You’ll save money on paid job listing placements. And you’ll save valuable energy.

    No more swimming through oceans of unqualified candidates, or waiting for days for a single application to come through. A positive employer branding strategy is a surefire way to make your job easier, and your company happier.

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