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How an Elevator Pitch Can Help You Land the Ideal Job Applicant

Hone your quick take on why a qualified candidate should get excited about your open role

Imagine this: You’re having a tough time finding the perfect candidate to fill a role at your company. Then, you happen to meet someone at a networking event who might be a fantastic fit. “So, you’re hiring?” they ask. “What’s the role?”

What do you say?

Do you clam up on the spot, unsure of how to describe the position?

Do you ramble on and on, giving way too much detail until your potentially perfect hire starts to fall asleep?

Or, do you have a succinct, enticing “elevator pitch” in your back pocket for a situation just like this?

An elevator pitch is an absolute must when you’re hiring. Every employer, hiring manager, recruiter or HR representative should have a pitch written, memorized and ready to go at a moment’s notice. You never know when you’ll need it.

What Is an Elevator Pitch?

Most job seekers have an elevator pitch that introduces themselves and describes their career goals in 30–60 seconds—roughly the time it takes to ride an elevator with someone from the lobby to their floor. You need a similar spiel that describes your company, your open role and what you’re looking for.

Use This Pitch-Perfect Template

Here’s a quick, easy template to use to craft your pitch:

Hi, nice to meet you. I’m [Full Name] from [Company], [very brief description of what company does]. We’re looking for a [full-time, part-time, freelance] [job title] at [location].

This role is unique because [one—and only one—enticing detail that sets this position apart from similar positions in the industry]. We need someone who [one or two details about your ideal candidate].

[Company] is a fantastic place to work because [reason you love working there]. If you’re interested, why don’t you give me your email address so we can set up a time to talk more?

Say It Out Loud

What looks good on paper doesn’t always sound right when spoken out loud. Try out your pitch on a trusted colleague, and ask for their opinion. Does it sound natural? Can they understand the company and the role? Is it enticing and interesting?

Practice, Practice, Practice

Just like an actor learning their lines, you need to take the time to sit down and memorize your pitch, word for word. It’s okay to paraphrase or improvise here and there depending on the person you’re talking to. But you should feel 100% confident that you can launch into your pitch at any opportunity.

Time Yourself

Use a stopwatch or your phone’s clock app to see if you can deliver all of your information in 30–60 seconds. If you come in under time, you’re probably talking way too fast. Slow it down. If you come in over time, edit unnecessary words and details out of your pitch.

Your Delivery Matters

The words are only half the battle. How you deliver them is equally important. Whatever you do, don’t be a stone-faced robot while you’re talking. Be confident, be upbeat and don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm. Candidates will be more interested if they can feel your genuine excitement coming through.

You’ve Got This

A solid elevator pitch is the difference between a missed opportunity and landing the perfect new hire. It’s an important tool in your hiring toolbox, just like your online job listings. Click over to the Mediabistro Employers page to find out more about posting your job now.

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