Commentary magazine, rarely the subject of controversy, aired some dirty laundry over the weekend.

Literary blogger D.G. Myers was given the boot from the publication and quickly suggested the reason involved his support of gay marriage. Commentary Editor John Podhoretz, who vehemently denies the termination involved gay marriage, told FishbowlDC that he has “made no decision” on whether they’ll work together again in the future.

On Saturday, Myers wrote on his personal blog a “statement” on his “firing” from Commentary. On Thursday, he explained, Podhoretz wrote and informed him that he was being terminated. The notice came an hour after Myers had published a post in defense of gay marriage on his literary blog, which had a home on Commentary‘s site.

“Whether I was fired for the substance of what I wrote or for violating the magazine‚Äôs procedures is unclear even to me, especially since my followup emails have gone unanswered,” Myers wrote in his statement. He said in the post that he published his gay-marriage piece without approval, which he said he typically didn’t have to gain on the literary blog.

After Myers published his piece about the “firing,” some fans attacked Podhoretz on Twitter… Read more