Man Sentenced to the Sidewalk

The Daily Caller tells us that a drug dealing robber in Milan, Domenico Codispoti, has been sentenced to house arrest, though there’s just one tiny little problem. He doesn’t have a house, he’s homeless. So the court says he has to be in his “sleeping area”—a sidewalk near the police station—from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. every night until April 2014. Putting aside the fact that we’re not really sure how a story about a guy from Milan ended up in The Daily Caller, this is definitely a weird one. Turns out Codispoti actually asked to serve out his sentence in the station’s jail, but the police just told him ‘no.’ This is a little bit of stupid, and here in the U.S. it might not even pass Constitutional muster. There’s just one comment on the original story in the Italian paper La Stampa: “Cruel and unusual punishment, something the state knows only too well.”

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