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Tom Brokaw Pimps His Own Anniversary

Seriously Tom Brokaw? Even you pimp out your anniversary details?

From the Dept. of Bragiculture and more specifically this morning’s Politico Playbook, the longtime NBC newsman, typically low-key and sophisticated, takes a page out of Newsweek/The Daily Beast/CNN’s Howard Kurtz‘s pimpilicious playbook. The absolute worst of it: namedropping in the guise of a terrible joke (“We would have invited the President to the reception, but…”).

We’re giving you shoes we typically give Kurtz when he pimps himself out each week over Twitter. Enjoy them while you can because we’ll have to return these “ultra pimp” ridiculously expensive bad boys to Howie. And just think, they may be fantastic for your next trek across America when you’re talking to ordinary Americans who aren’t contemplating inviting presidents to their wedding receptions.

From Playbook:

EMAIL DU JOUR, from Tom Brokaw: “50 years ago [today, Aug. 17, 1962,
John F. Kennedy]  made his only trip as president to S.D. (to dedicate
the massive Oahe Dam [in Pierre,] on the Missouri River). It was front
page news in the Yankton Press and Dakotan, my hometown paper. On what
passed for the society page, a photo and account of the marriage of
Meredith Auld and Tom Brokaw. We would have invited the President to
the reception but we had heard the White House press corps’ appetite
for free booze and food knew no limits, a fact I confirmed as a member
13 years later in the Nixon/Watergate White House.”

HuffPost Unveils Top 50 Political Animals

HuffPost today unveils its “Top 50 Political Animals of All Time.” The list coincides with the launch of USA Network’s limited series event POLITICAL ANIMALS, premiering on Sunday, July 15 at 10/9c.

Curated by HuffPost staff, the “Top 50 Political Animals” list includes “the savviest, revered and sometimes feared American leaders who changed rules or charted new courses and had a significant influence and impact on politics, policy and the nation.” The list includes presidents, members of Congress, candidates, advisors, mavericks and trailblazers, such as: Martin Luther King, Jr., Lyndon B. Johnson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Karl Rove, Malcolm X, James Carville, Harvey Milk, Rosa Parks, and Gloria Steinem.

During the next month, historians, political experts, pundits and what HuffPost calls “thought leaders” will provide insight on the list, including choosing their own Top Ten. Today Tom Brokaw, one of the “most trusted and respected figures in broadcast journalism” and special correspondent for NBC News, revealed his top political animals.

Brokaw’s picks: #1: Abe Lincoln #2: FDR number two. After that, in no particular order: Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Huey Long and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Politico and NBC’s “MTP” Say ‘I Do’

Top 5 Reasons Why Politico Senior Political Reporter Jonathan Martin and NBC’s “MTP” Exec. Producer Betsy Fischer‘s Wedding Was Everything That’s Wrong With Washington. The journo power couple married in a garden wedding in Warrenton, Va. over the weekend.

1. Martin thanked the troops during his remarks. “We want to keep in mind that this is an important weekend. Tomorrow is Memorial Day. So we also want to honor our veterans, and those who are fallen.” (h/t Politico Playbook and h/t Mike Allen for h/t)

2. NBC newsman Tom Brokaw made their wedding sound like a beer summit: “We’re awakened every day, these days, and reminded about what divides us. But this is what unites us: the idea that two people who care
passionately about their country and about the political system that
drives it, finding each other, setting out on their married life.”

3. Politico Editor-in-Chief John Harris looked hammered. See here. (Just kidding, we’re sure the boss was keeping it together.)

4. Gift bags included treats from — not a joke — The Political
Cookie Company.

5. Politico and NBC’s MTP will now forever and incestuously be linked in holy matrimony. By the power vested in FishbowlDC, we now pronounce you husband and wife.

Van Susteren, Coale Get Kudos for Kardashian, Lohan

When the rest of the world steps out, you always want someone to step in.

The White House Correspondents Insider, a website whose Editor-in-Chief is none other than Publicist WHCD Garden Brunch hostess Tammy Haddad, has doled out first-ever award to Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren and her husband, John Coale for their uncanny ability to secure the best guests to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner each year.

While many in Washington media and beyond are lambasting the White House Correspondents’ Dinner for becoming a celebrity clusterf&%kfest, Hadded has bestowed upon them the White House Correspondents’ Insider Hall of Fame Award for 10 years of best bookings.

As we learned this week, NBC newsman Tom Brokaw couldn’t care less about all the celebs they’ve brought to Washington, which have included Ozzy Osbourne, Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan, this year’s starlet. He came out this week against the celebrity onslaught he says the dinner has become. In response, Van Susteren made him a deal. She declared that she’d forgo celebs next year for more attention paid to the Sudan.

Even a post on Haddad’s blog double dog dares others to try and secure better guests than Van Susteren and Coale have to help raise awareness for diseases such as Epilepsy.

An excerpt from Haddad’s blog on the matter:

“If Van Susteren is considering getting out of the celebrity booking game, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to acknowledge her savvy, along with her husband John Coale, in introducing the Washington press corps to people they perhaps would never have otherwise met.”

…With the presentation of the WHC Insider Hall of Fame Award we dare others to try to compete!  Congratulations Greta and John, and thank you for bringing in the big names, supporting the causes, and demonstrating that people in Washington do care about the nation  – and some actually have a sense of humor.”

Read the full post and see the entertaining pictures here. There’s a ridiculous worth seeing glamour shot of Kim Kardashian with a personal fan.

Fox News’s Ed Henry in the Hot Seat: Is WHCD In Need of a Major Change?

Tom Brokaw started a conversation Sunday when he declared that the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner had gone beyond what it needs to be in terms of being a celebrity-driven clubby fiasco. Many journalists agreed.

Fox News’s Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry, the incoming president of the White House Correspondents’ Association, shot off a series of tweets Monday defending the event, noting that it raises thousands of dollars in journalism scholarships. He did say, however, that as president, he welcomes criticism to make improvements.

Unfortunately, he might not have fully meant it. To several criticisms, Henry offered up a defense of the dinner.

“You all look like hypocrites. You’re supposed to be challenging power, not schmoozing with Lindsay Lohan and the 1%,” wrote one tweeter.  Henry replied, “I try to challenge power ev day. How does a dinner erase our work in briefing room etc?”

“Just my opinion the #WHCD takes away from the dignity of the Presidency, its a serious job effecting the lives of real people,” tweeted another follower of Henry’s. To which he responded, “Respectfully disagree. President Bush poked fun at self, President Obama has graciously done same. 1 night doesn’t hurt presidency.”

Even when CBS’s respected White House radio reporter Mark Knoller suggested a vote by the WHCA to either end the dinner or refocus it on journalism rather than celebrities, Henry responded, “Appreciate your views, especially you. but y consider whether to ‘continue’ dinner — how else do we raise $ for scholarships?”

But in the Fishbowl, we’re all about helping people. And we want you to help us help Henry. Vote in our Fish Poll below on the most effective ways to improve next year’s WHCD. We’ll run the results tomorrow.

Brokaw’s Painfully Awkward Replies on BookTV

Tom Brokaw is on fire. In the hot seat today for trashing the White House Correspondents’ Dinner over the weekend for its infestation of Hollywood stars, Brokaw also managed responses to two long-winded, hothead listeners on C-SPAN’s BookTV Sunday. They demanded his thoughts on the lack of diversity in hosts of NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Brokaw was on BookTV’s three-hour “In Depth” program, which must have felt a hell of a lot longer.

Q: Why does [host of MTP] always have to be a white male?

“That’s not a condition of the job,” Brokaw said. “It’s just htat we try to pick the best journalist that is available to us. … In this case, David Gregory turned up on top. It was not a decision I made. … We do have more female participation going on.” Brokaw mentioned ABC’s Diane Sawyer and former CBS News’ Katie Couric in top news spots.

Q: Why aren’t there any black journalists in any permanent Meet the Press seat?

Brokaw replied, “Yes, in fact, that has been the case and it probably won’t be that forever. He said he had Mary Mitchell on when he took over after Tim Russert died. “Look this is a slow rising tide. David Gregory did not get the job just because he was a white male … he had the skills necessary to be a good broadcaster.” Brokaw said he believed a day could come when the host could be Black, Asian or Hispanic.

Watch here and here.


Brokaw Blasts Nerd Prom, More Journos Follow

On Sunday’s “Meet the Press”, Tom Brokaw was analyzing the Presidential race of 2012 when he took a sharp turn into Curmudgeon-ville to take major swipes at Nerd Prom. He is not pleased about the glittering of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner with stars like George Clooney and Charlize Theron. Some people may argue that at last those stars are politically active and aware of what’s going on the world. The same can’t be said for the likes of Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan.

In any event, reaction started pouring in over Twitter as Brokaw’s comments went viral. WSJ’s Neil King welcomed Brokaw’s comments by saying, “Here’s seconding Brokaw’s takedown of the WH Correspondents Dinner. And here’s predicting the day when POTUS says thanks but no thanks.” Longtime Washington political journo and columnist for the Dallas Morning News Carl Leubsdorf told FBDC, “I think he spoke for many of us.” He went on to say, “Tom is spot on. And as the dinner has become glitzier, fewer seats have gone to actual correspondents and more to corporate executives, advertisers and celebrities. The upcoming 100th WHCA anniversary in 2014 might be a perfect time to consider this, though I’m not too hopeful that will happen.” Something that got the attention of HuffPost’s Michael Calderone was Brokaw’s mention of “taking over the Italian embassy.” It just so happens that was the location of the blowout MSNBC after-party. National Correspondent for The Atlantic, James Fallows also agreed with Brokaw, saying, “Good for Tom B!”

Brokaw is one in a procession of Washington journalists who are trashing what the dinner has become. Late last week we reported on U.S. News & World Report’s Susan Milligan,
who also believes celebs ruin the image of the event. Some may also recall WaPo Dana Milbank‘s take on Nerd Prom last April, in which he says journalists have turned themselves into pimps for the politicians and the stars. He intimated that he grew sickened as he started to RSVP for parties and “made other plans for the weekend.” But Brokaw’s blast is a little bit different. First, he has the highest profile of anyone who has criticized the dinner. Second, he doesn’t seem to differentiate between George Clooney and Lindsay Lohan. He wants Hollywood out of the dinner.

It’s interesting to note that while Twitter was having a field day with Brokaw’s comments, neither Betsy Fischer, Exec. Producer for “Meet the Press”, nor host David Gregory made any comments. Watch Brokaw’s comments in the video below.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Fish Food

(A Sprinkling of Things We Think You Ought to Know…)

Network Anchors Shilling for Candidates – It’s not what it sounds like. A new story in the Columbia Journalism Review and linked to by HuffPost examines political candidates and their use of news clips that feature anchors delivering stories that show their opponents in a negative light. While this isn’t something new, the scale of which this is being used is much bigger. Just a few months ago, when Newt Gingrich was putting the pressure on Mitt Romney, the Romney campaign released an ad featuring nothing more than NBC’s Tom Brokaw delivering the news that Gingrich had been found guilty of ethics violations. Brokaw spoke out against it. But the tactic proved so effective that Romney deployed it again against Rick Santorum. An ad featuring footage of CNN’s Gloria Borger reminded Pennsylvania voters that they had already thrown Santorum out of office aired 177 times in ONE DAY in Pennsylvania and would have aired many more if Santorum hadn’t dropped out.

I C&*t Believe This Happened – It wasn’t so long ago that we reported on the Daily Caller’s Michelle Fields being called “a cunt” by an Occupy protester. We can only hope that she doesn’t find the word TOO offensive, because she was exposed to the mother of all dirty words again last week. As we ramped up to the hysteria surrounding Kim Kardashian at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Fields tweeted “Sorry. I’m a Kardashian hater.” This did not sit well with the army of Kim K fans on the internet who began attacking Fields. One member of the Kim Army, @SheivaG, told Fields “dont worry im sure people hate you too ;) .” That then prompted a Fields Fan to reply, “@SheivaG @MichelleFields, you are a CUNT. Don’t be jealous Michelle :) .” Fields did not reply to that comment (obviously).

West Wing Reunion – The cast of The West Wing reunited for a good cause in a new video on Funny or Die. It’s for a public service announcement encouraging people to walk 30 minutes each day. The video features Martin Sheen, Allison Janney, Dulé Hill, Joshua Malina, Melissa Fitzgerald and William Duffy in their first appearance together in five years. It should come as no surprise that the video relies heavily on the “walk and talk”, one of the trademarks of the former TV show.


Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Nothing gets between a Boybander and his jeans

“The only pair of jeans I ever splurged on lasted exactly one year before getting a hole in an embarrassing place. Thanks, stranger.” — TPM‘s Brian Beutler.

Washington gossip columnist tells TMZ’s Levin to SHUT UP

“Shut up Harvey! Nobody needs TMZ’s view of the Marine urinating scandal. Stick to big news like Kim and Angelina and Brad.” — U.S. News & World Report‘s Paul Bedard to TMZ Founder Harvey Levin. Read the TMZ story here on the scandal involving Marines peeing on dead bodies.

BFF Alert: Michelle and Gayle

“@michelleobama joining twitter world today love that! And welcome welcome to our First Lady!” — CBS This Morning Host Gayle King.

In other Michelle Obama commentary…

“@michelleobama, For the record, I don’t like it either when people perceive me as an angry black woman.” — SHanntysHair.

The new Ana Marie Cox

“Twelp please: Recommendations for fun stuff to do and where to dine in Milwaukee. Extra credit if it doesn’t involve beer. cc: @lovethebay” — The Guardian‘s Ana Marie Cox.

Examiner writer gets props for perfect response

“@Drudge_Report: Clark Gable’s Grandson Jailed for Pointing Laser at Police Chopper drudge.” To which the Washington Examiner‘s Philip Klein remarked, “Frankly, I don’t give a damn.”

Actually, there are stupid questions

“RT @HuffingtonPost Diet Coke vs. Coke Zero: So what’s the difference? || Inquiring minds don’t give a s***.” — FBDC and The Blaze‘s Eddie Scarry.

NPR overgifting

“In the past month NPR has given me an NPR pint glass, an NPR coaster, & an NPR beer koozie. What are they trying to do to me?!” — NPR’s LA-based Ben Bergman.

It’s Friday the 13th

“Today is Friday the 13th! 2012 is actually a CREEPY YEAR! We have 3 Friday the 13ths this yr, that’s the most you can have in a single year!” — News Channel 8′s Katherine Amenta.

Brokaw’s first day on Twitter

“At #Todayat60 party – like a great college reunion. … But where’s the keg?” — NBC’s Tom Brokaw. In less than 24 hours he has 7k followers. So far he’s following 20 people. They include NBC’s Chuck Todd, Vivian Schiller, Luke Russert, David Gregory, Richard Engel, Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker, Natalie Morales, Ann Curry, Brian Williams and, of course, NBC News.

Shit happens when Weingarten’s around

“Was looking for @geneweingarten tweet in time line, easy to spot that sh*t!” — Washington City Paper‘s Darrow Montgomery.


The FishbowlDC Interview With DCist’s Ben Freed

Say hello to DCist’s new Associate Editor Benjamin Freed. He makes a point to tell me his byline is “Benjamin R. Freed.” Like we care? He says he has a good imitation of NBC’s Tom Brokaw. But then again he says a lot of things. We’re only kidding. Formerly an arts and entertainment writer for Washington City Paper, Freed, who hails from just outside Albany, N.Y., has been known to turn mouthy, get in the occasional Twitter fight and thinks death when it comes to the Kardashian sisters. His dirty little secret involves watching MSNBC’s Al Sharpton‘s show. This is his mug shot photograph on DCist — we’re far from photography experts, but we’d like to suggest that they snap his picture during the daytime or else turn on the flash button. For the past two years he has been a contributing writer to Washington City Paper. He has also been moonlighting as a copy editor for Congressional Quarterly — who knew?

If you were a carbonated beverage, which would you be? DIY Coke, wherein you have to mix cola concentrate with carbonated water.

How often do you Google yourself? Somewhere between obviously introverted and borderline self-obsessive.

Whats the worst thing youve ever said to an editor/boss (or vice versa)? I can’t believe I took this stupid assignment.

Who is your favorite working journalist and why? In my age group, Amanda Hess. I can’t think of anyone who writes about personal identity or relationships in a more intelligent or engaging fashion. I’m also a big fan of C.J. Chivers. Read The Gun and you’ll understand why.

What is your dream job? I’d love to do just about anything at Wired.

How did you land the DCist gig? It was either me or Monkeyrotica.

Why journalism? Thought it would be fun to write for the paper at Brandeis, where I went to college. Then one day Tom Brokaw visited campus. He told me to “raise hell.” true story. Too bad this interview isn’t in person, my Brokaw voice is pretty good.

Do you have a favorite word? I used “cadaverous” in a pretty clever context a couple weeks ago.

Who would you rather have dinner with WaPos Ezra Klein, Slates Dave Weigel or TPMs Brian Beutler? Tell us why. Eh, I’d rather get a drink with Kriston Capps, who’s introduced me to all three of them at various points. Besides, I think I owe him a beer.

What swear word do you use most often? Fuck.

Youve just been told the big news: You get to have your own Sunday morning talk show. Who will be on your roundtable? (Pick four journalists or pundits types.) God, what an awful question. OK, Jonathan L. Fischer, Ally Schweitzer, Aaron Leitko and Andrew Beaujon. We’re just going to talk about Fan Death and Future Times and we’ll be canceled in a week.

To borrow from Politicos Answer This (with a FishbowlDC twist): Picture someone in Washington who youd like to strangle (if such a thing were legal). Without naming him or her, please describe them in the nude. Just kidding. Tell us what you think of them. He recently topped an ignominious list at Salon, and Joe Scarborough thinks everything he says is pure gold. He also wouldn’t know how to use “ignominious” in a sentence. Not Willie Geist.

What TV show do you watch that youd be embarrassed to admit to and yes, were asking you to admit it. Politics Nation With Al Sharpton. Have you seen his MSNBC promo with the pie? I watch in hopes that he just spends an hour talking about pie.

Read more