Jenilee Matz

Tega Cay, SC USA

Professional Experience

I'm an MPH-level health writer and editor with more than 500 articles published on highly visible health information websites. Most of my work has included translating complex medical information into plain-language, actionable articles for a consumer-based audience. I also have experience creating health education materials including brochures, presentations, and patient handouts. I understand and interpret scientific studies, and I have experience working with subject matter experts. I have written across all medical disciplines, but my specialty areas include pregnancy, diabetes, cancer, fitness, nutrition, weight loss, food safety, childhood obesity, preventive health, women's health, and oral health.


8 Years
8 Years
8 Years


8 Years
8 Years
8 Years


Newsletter - Consumer
6 Years
Online/new media
5 Years
5 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

8 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs) (10+), (6-10), (6-10), (3-5), (10+), (10+), (10+)

Other Work History

Sr. Medical Writer/ Editor for Health Communications Specialist for The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Computer Skills

Word, Excel, Outlook, Wordpress, Twitter, Google Analytics


Personal computer, printer, scanner, fax machine, digital camera, smartphone


Available upon request


American Medical Writer's Association (AMWA)



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