Sean Flavin

Peoria, IL USA

Professional Experience

I have backgrounds in digital marketing and journalism (print, online and radio). I regularly write about developing trends in the digital advertising/marketing industry.


2 Years
Content Editor (online)
1 Year
1 Year


Business (general)
2 Years
Other, Specify
3 Years
Sports & Recreation
1 Year


Broadcasting - News - Radio (Local)
Entry Level
Newspaper - Local/Regional
Entry Level
Marketing (firm) - Fortune 1000 corp. clients
3 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

4 Years


Digital Marketing

The way people watched Mad Men may tell us more about advertising than the show itself. In this edition of Top Stats of the Week: some say good bye, others say hello - to Madmen; and we take a look at some stats that suggest a TV might not be the preferred method to watch TV anymore.
The Dollar Shave Club built a subscriber base of more than one million users in two-plus years of existence. But the company's rapid expansion required more than just superior blades and easy shipping, growth also depended on a creative marketing strategy rooted in their CEO's own brand of humor.