Sarah Redfield

Sisters, OR USA

Professional Experience

Specializing in solutions for the Fashion Community. Expertise in Fashion Marketing and Public Relations, Fashion E-Commerce Design/Content/Management, Business Writing (Business and Marketing Plans), Marketing/Management/Pricing Strategy, Fashion Writing/Blogging, Fashion Ad Copy, E-mail Campaigns, Copy Writing, Power Point, Photoshop, Fashion Apparel Sales, Fashion Design, Fashion Stylist, Fashion Industry Motivational Speaking, Script Writing, Fashion Social Media Marketing, Fashion Software Design, Fashion Sales Training, Fashion Software Development, Teaching and Team Building.


5 Years
25 Years
Social Media
5 Years


25 Years
25 Years
Women's Issues
25 Years


Online/new media
5 Years
Marketing (firm) - Small to mid-sized corp. cl
3 Years
PR (firm) - Small to mid-sized corp. clients
5 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

25 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Oregon Home (1-2), Slow Food (3-5), Northwest Palate (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Dynamic Horizons, Melbourne (1-2), RAViN Apparel, Cairo (3-5), EasyAsk (1-2)

Other Work History

Stylist + Sales Lead, Banana Republic

Technical Skills

Laptop, pad, camera

Computer Skills

Word, Excel, Mailchimp


Laptop, pad, camera


“A very enthusiastic person, loves what she is doing and cares for customer satisfaction. When I deviated from the scope a little bit, she didn't complain or charge more. Would certainly go back to Sarah for additional work. ” Fugoura Fashion, Cairo “Sarahredfield are very helpful and go above and beyond to assist. Very pleased to have found her :)” Shutini Sandals, Sydney “Sarah is great providing a world class service. The final product was very well thought-out, informative, and provides much needed insight into upcoming fashion trends. I would highly recommend working with them." -Aaron, BiParel, NYC “Will definitely rehire for a product launch and general marketing.” - Janet Cadsawan, NYC


Banana Republic, Gap, Inc. Crystal/Platinum Program, 2011 Banana Republic, Gap, Inc. Crystal/Platinum Program, 2011 Banana Republic, Gap, Inc. Onyx/ Platinum Program. 2010