Courtney Manser

St. David's, Canada

Professional Experience

As a physician and a mother, I have the unique ability to provide up to date expertise on a variety of health topics as well as parenting advice, and have easy access to a wide range of specialists for interview purposes. Writing is my passion and I am ready to prove myself in the magazine industry.


1 Year
Entry Level
Technical Writer
Entry Level


Family, Children & Teenagers
1 Year
7 Years
7 Years


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
1 Year
Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
Entry Level

Other Work History

I have worked as a family physician in a variety of settings including office, hospital, and nursing home care. I have training in cosmetic dermatology including Botox and Fillers.

Computer Skills

Programs- Word, Excel Operating Systems- Windows XP


laptop, digital camera- Nikon D5100


1) J.W. Mcconnell Award for Academic Achievement: Scholarchip for students with GPA'S in the top 5% of the class (2005) 2) Emily Ross Crawford Award for Academic Achievement (2005) 3) Medical School Application GPA= 3.91



I wrote this article to give parents 5 easy steps to follow to increase self esteem in their children from infants all the way to teens.
In this article I challenge people to take a look at why they want to lose weight. I encourage the readers to set goals of health instead of weight while giving tips on how they can do so.
The loss of a loved one is painful for adults and children alike; however, a child’s reaction may be very different depending on his or her age. This reaction highly depends on their cognitive development and understanding of death. Here’s how you can help your child at different ages.
This article was written to give people an understanding of wrinkle treatments from creams to interventional treatments such as Botox and fillers.
When it comes to raising children, there is often no one better to ask for advice than your own mother. However, doctors have looked into a few common health tips passed on from generation to generation and discovered that maybe we shouldn't always follow our mother's advice.