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Professional Experience

Wondering if you can lose 10 pounds in one week? As a women's fitness specialist in Hollywood, being the voice of reason in a town of crazy helped lead me to becoming the private fitness and Pilates trainer to Gwen Stefani. I've been training clients around the world for 20 years yet people are still bombarded everyday with fitness fads and bad ideas about exercise and nutrition. It's no wonder people get confused and don't know what to do. As a freelance writer, I share information about fitness for life in the real world, and about how fitness is more than the moves, it's a chance to make a new mindset, without really "thinking" about it.


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10 Years


25 Years
10 Years
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15 Years


Short Film
10 Years
Online/new media
5 Years
Advertising agency
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Total Media Industry Experience

12 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

WorldLifestyle.com (10+), Latin AOL online (1-2)

Other Work History

Freelance Writer LA's The Place.com Interview for celebrity photographer, Rankin Interviewed Viggo Mortensen for movie " The Road" AOL Latin Online Media

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Word, Excel, OS 10, Wordpress


Go-Pro, Mac Laptop, audio recorder, full access to professional sound recording studio

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AvantGuild, IDEA World Fitness Association


Fitness Writing Samples

Do you go to extremes to get your body and life on track?Things don't have to be so black and white. Many popular exercise programs, diets, losing weight, getting in shape, tend to push the "all or nothing" mindset button and it doesn't lead to success. It's time to take the road less travelled...
Three smart moves that make the most of lifting weights. Dumbbell workouts are great for everyone and with these three smart exercises you can build strength and shape without the bulk.
Three classic Pilates moves with a fitness twist! Some of the best total body exercises are done on a mat using Pilates and yoga techniques. Get in shape and feel better with moves that were made for getting a better body from the floor up.

Dance Reviews LA/NYC

Belgian choreographer and filmmaker Wim Vandekeybus and his company, Ultima Vez, premiere new dance creation "Spiegel (Mirror) in Los Angeles for 2008.
Review: Ballet lovers on the West Coast get the rare opportunity to see American Ballet Theatre perform a Tchaikovsky classic in a sparkling new production that raises the curtain on a stellar young cast and the return to the stage of an American "baby ballerina" who became an icon...

Los Angeles Articles

The LA opening of Art Bulls for Charity, an event showcased across the country and the last pit stop before winding up in Miami after seven-city U.S. tour.
With more than 200 narrative and documentary features, short film and videos, Los Angeles will host the 2007 Silver Lake Film Festival from May 3 through May 12, complete with environmentally-conscious programming by Sustainable LA as centerpiece to the event.