Talley Henning Brown

New York, NY USA

Professional Experience

A 16-year writer and editor, I specialize in science writing for lay audiences, as well as marketing, consumer, and nonprofit development writing. I have extensive expertise as a project managing editor, and I am one of the best copy editors in the business. I have exceptional production scheduling and fact-checking skills and do some of my best work under demanding deadlines.


Content Editor (online)
8 Years
Copy Editor
16 Years
Other, Specify
8 Years


Books & Literature
16 Years
8 Years
3 Years


Academia Other
5 Years
8 Years
3 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

16 Years

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Daggerwing Health (3-5), Humanscale (1-2), Kopa Group (1-2)

Other Work History

Rockefeller University (3 projects); Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (3 projects)

Computer Skills

InDesign; MS Word; various online content management systems




Upon request


Nonprofit Development Writing Samples

Science Writing Samples

One of a series of 69 profiles of the university's Nobel Laureates and Lasker Awardees. Each of these pieces detailed the specific scientific accomplishments that earned the researcher his/her award. Slated to be used in a physical display on campus and published online.
One of a series of 24 scientific profiles of Nobel Laureates and the research that earned them the world's highest scientific honor.

Corporate Writing Samples

White paper produced for a corporate client specializing in designing and retrofitting energy-efficient lighting solutions for corporate clients. This paper was tailored to hospitality-industry clients.

Consumer Writing Samples