Ronda Racha Penrice

Atlanta, GA USA

Professional Experience

I have been a dedicated writer for roughly 20 years, covering everything from books and hip-hop music to film, culinary, travel and everything in-between. As the author of African American History For Dummies, I have a noted expertise in African American history and culture, especially as it relates to popular culture. Lifestyle and entertainment have always been main beats for me and those areas tend to work across demographics.


Book Author
Entry Level
16 Years
20 Years


16 Years
14 Years
Other, Specify
20 Years


Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
16 Years
Academia Other
10 Years
Newspaper - Local/Regional
18 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

20 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

UPTOWN Magazine/ (10+), (10+), The Atlanta Voice (10+)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

n/a (1-2)

Other Work History

Over the past year, I served as Deputy Editor of UPTOWN Magazine, handling everything from Radar, a listing of noteworthy hotels, restaurants, retail, etc domestic and global, and Social, detailing events in seven cities, to overseeing the automotive section and assigning/editing features. Before then, I covered the local Atlanta scene for UPTOWN primarily for 8 years in addition to helming a TV column for AOL Black Voices and freelancing with and other outlets. Oh I also worked as a film publicist in L.A. on The Fast and the Furious, Bring It On, etc.

Technical Skills


Foreign Language Skills




Computer Skills



laptop, ipad mini, samsung tablet, samsung galaxy s4, tape recorder

Work Permits & Visas



upon request






Writing Sample

Article on American Horror Story plot for Coven involving characters played by Angela Bassett and Gabourey Sidibe.
Sample of the calendar listings of arts, music, culture, etc. I compiled each issue for Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, D.C. and New York from February/March 2013 issue until the June/July 2014 issue.
Story on Albert Einstein's commitment to fighting the racism and discrimination inflicted on African Americans in light of the then digital release of his papers and other artifacts.
Cover story on Rickey Smiley, popular radio show host and host of Dish Nation.
Travel story on Guadeloupe Islands.
Obituary on Dr. Maya Angelou posted the day she passed away.
Automotive spotlight on Porsche Camp4 Canada for regular "On the Move" section for
Cover story for Rolling Out, an urban weekly, on Redaric Williams, who plays Tyler on "The Young and the Restless." This was his first major feature in the U.S.
Excerpt from the first chapter of my book, African American History For Dummies.
Sample of Radar section which I compiled, wrote and located images. Was responsible for this section for Feb/March 2013 to June/July 2014 issues of UPTOWN.