Kent Bridgeman

Chicago, IL USA

Professional Experience

Im a Writer who helps my clients uncover, strengthen and define their stories. I deeply enjoy learning about my clients and the subject matter for my pieces. I go as in depth as possible, finding the core stories that will bring the work to life and truly connect with the target audience. Im in my element writing about marketing, business, creative writing, food, and mindfulness; but Im also very happy to write outside my comfort zone by utilizing research, subject matter expert interviews and surveys.


Content Editor (online)
4 Years
4 Years


4 Years
Business (general)
3 Years


Marketing (firm) - Small to mid-sized corp. cl
3 Years
Online/new media
4 Years
4 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

4 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

DIY MFA (3-5), McGraw Hill (3-5), TBC The Rustbelt (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

D's Fearless Baking Co. (6-10), Gene Siskel Film Center (3-5), Causes for Change International (3-5), Tiffany Brooks Interiors (3-5)

Computer Skills

Skilled in Word, Excel, WordPress, Scrivener. Light knowledge of Photoshop.


Laptop equipped with Microsoft Word, Scrivener and so forth.


Tiffany Brooks - Bess Weatherby, editor DIY -



TBC met at the famed Second City training program and formed their own troupe. They quickly realized they needed a website to serve as a calling card, to put out the word about their shows and to feel like the real deal. I worked with the artistic director Nathan, to define their style in words.
Tiffany came to me unhappy with the kinds of clients she was getting. After analyzing her current strategies, I realized that she was targeting the wrong audience. We mapped out a new strategy to re-launch her website and to update her brand image.
My monthly column for DIY MFA focuses on the marketing side of creative writing, i.e. how to promote and publish work, once it's done. This is an area of abject terror for many writers, so I aptly named it "Swimming with the Sharks".