Skylar Jenkins

Santa Cruz, CA USA

Professional Experience

Passionate about words, I am a writer at heart. College years combed and cultivated my craft; from my journey in and through motherhood grew a wonderful garment of gratitude woven from pieces of past and present. Creatively I sit, though the brambles and bumbling rumbles of life rock and shift, writing steady and strong. Words slip from my mind and drip daintily on pages, arranged agelessly. With two young children twirling in my skirt folds, I embark on a career as a freelance writer. Diving into this sea of possibility, I courageously seek a medium for my soul to speak and my words to whisper truths to tribes and seekers alike. We, all of us, humans commune in language and meaning, and I as transcriber, will connect one soul to the next. Me to you, you to them, them to we. Lend me your subject and I will compose a piece from my heart directly to the souls of those who read it.


Entry Level
Book Author
Entry Level
Entry Level


Family, Children & Teenagers
3 Years
Women's Issues
40 Years
Entry Level


Academia Teaching
1 Year
Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
1 Year
1 Year

Total Media Industry Experience

3 Years

Foreign Language Skills

Italian (read, write, speak) some

Computer Skills

Word, Excel, Pages, Ulysses, Google Docs OSX, Windows 8


Digital Camera, MacBook Air