Jillian Goltzman

Hollywood, FL USA

Professional Experience

I’m a communications professional with experience in public relations, news writing, social media strategy, community relations and corporate communications. My expertise is in social media content creation, fashion, hospitality and luxury goods. My true passion is writing pieces and sharing the stories of others. Aside from the typical workplace jargon, I’m a creativity junkie who is constantly doodling and brainstorming to turn the obscure into outstanding. I’d peg myself as a wordsmith with a penchant for visual arts and social good. In my free time you can catch me behind a camera, writing for CupOfCharisma.com, experimenting with art, and exploring Miami.


3 Years
3 Years
Social Media
2 Years


3 Years
3 Years
Real Estate
2 Years


PR (firm) - Small to mid-sized corp. clients
2 Years
Newspaper - Community
2 Years
Marketing (in-house) - Fortune 1000 corp. clients
1 Year

Total Media Industry Experience

5 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

DriveTheDistrict.com (3-5)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

O'Connell & Goldberg Public Relations (10+), Toll Brothers (10+), Viceroy Miami (10+), Diplomat Resort & Spa (3-5), Perry Ellis International (1-2), Aventura Mall (10+)

Technical Skills

Photo editing, graphic design, photography, video editing, AP style

Computer Skills

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Photoshop, InDesign, FinalCut and Wordpress.


Public Relations Society of America



This piece featured details on various museums in Miami.
I interviewed Fashion Happy Hour founder Valentina Leon and various Miami style bloggers to showcase the growing trends and fashion-focused demographic in South Florida.
The Best of Art Basel provided the best accessible parties in Miami.