Rowan Kane

Denpasar, Indonesia
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An enthusiastic freelance writer and journalist based in Indonesia where I've covered the nation's soccer crises, art festivals, and an environmental protest movement in Bali.


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Vice Sports (3-5), Bali Coconuts (3-5), Howler Magazine (1-2), The Atlantic (1-2), Vice News (1-2)

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French (Basic), Indonesian (Basic)

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Less than four weeks ago, no one was sure if Indonesia's national soccer league would start. It did, with a whole lot of fanfare, but after just two rounds of matches, the entire enterprise was suspended, under ambiguous circumstances, by the national soccer federation.
For the Ubud Village Jazz Festival, it's not just about staying true to Jazz. It's also about educating aspiring local musicians.
If you've been hanging out in front of the Griya Santrian Resort on Sanur Beach lately, you may have noticed some unusual activity going on. Something you can't quite put your finger on. It's performance art.
Sometime over the past few weeks, marine forecasters have seen 60-plus foot waves and 60 mph winds leaving a dark purple-or red or green depending on the source-blob the size of Australia in the Southern Indian Ocean. People were told to leave the area. Surfers, however, did the opposite.
U.S.A.'s World Cup bid had ended, but there are signs of a historic shift in global perceptions.
Indonesia's top professional soccer league is set to kick-off on Saturday. Then again, Indonesian soccer has had a rough year so far, and no one would be surprised if it doesn't. And even if league play does begin this weekend, nobody is quite sure how many teams will be eligible to play.
Coverage of a protest movement in Bali against a large development project that plans to reclaim 700+ acres from a sensitive ecosytem.