Adam Korn

Oakland, CA USA

Professional Experience

I am a San Francisco Bay Area-based independent writer and editor--formerly of HarperCollins (where, until I went rogue in 2014, I was an executive editor) and Random House--with a penchant for the outdoors, sports, and samurai movies and a martially tuned perspective. My experience is in manuscript analysis, book doctoring, writing proposals, and ghostwrit...(boo), and I'm also extremely happy to contribute articles of general interest. With a journalism degree from NYU, and having worked as an editor or agent with authors as diverse as singer-songwriter Willie Nelson, football great Jerry Rice, TOMS Shoes' Blake Mycoskie, mixed martial artist Georges St. Pierre, fashion icon Lauren Conrad, and comediennes Rachel Shukert and Laurie Notaro, I am an egghead of the world. Thanks so much for your considering me!


14 Years
20 Years


Books & Literature
14 Years
30 Years
Sports & Recreation
30 Years


Book Publishing Trade/B2B
20 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

20 Years

Other Work History

*Executive Editor, William Morrow Books/HarperCollins Publishers *Editor, The Crown Publishing Group *Editor, The Random House Publishing Group *Editor, Kensington Publishing Corporation *Literary Agent, DeFiore and Company